Monday, March 15, 2010

LIfe in the South

Snake Repellent

Bug spray

Mosquito bites

Ant hills

Wasp stings

Nat circles

Sun burns

These are all a few things we have experienced this past week.
I forgot about all these. But I am so glad to be back in the south even if for just 9 months.

The past 2 weeks has been so very busy.

Here is a little glimmer of whats happened around here.

( My absolutely nutso neighbor climbing out his bathroom window to save the screen he knocked out)( I truly was laughing hysterically watching this unfold)

(Ziggy at the furniture store. Zeus bought me and the family a new dining table, chairs, buffet and china cabinet. Happy graduation to us)

(Family bike ride around I-81, AKA flight line running path)( We even got to see our first airplane wash, just like a car wash just a little MORE water)

(Walked down to the docks here at the Marina on base, where I got stung by a wasp)

(The most precious people in my life spending the day with me in the sun and on the water)

I promise I will get back to my blogging now that we have Internet and a some what unpacked house.

Until then I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful time of year called Spring.
Let the Planting begin!!!

Blessings and see you back soon at the Haskins House