Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do you live for?

These days as I wake up to a house that is in shambles I look around at empty walls and stacked picture frames, packed luggages and messes everywhere. I ask myself What am I doing?
It doesn't take long to remember why I push through these rough days. Why I step over the piles of clothes, books, toys to get to the bathroom. Why I run around like a lost chicken. Do you wanna know why? Well I'll give you 4 guesses.

This is why

I live for the smiles, hugs, kisses and I love you Mommy.

These 4 little beings are what give me the drive to carry on when all I want to do is hide in a corner and sleep it all away. They bring me joy and peace. If you know mine then you know they also bring a little chaos, stress and frustration but I try not to dwell on those moments. I try to remember the special ones like when my Omega stands in the office singing at the top of his lungs " Back of the Bus" or when Zero makes her own song on her piano and it actually sounds like an adult wrote it. Or when Ziggy hugs my neck first thing in the morning and says "I love you". Or when Zulu tries as hard as he can to beat me in the box game. These are why I press on.

I love that I can take them to places like Build a Bear for a belated birthday party.

I love that I can make them smile by buying them Cake Love cupcakes

I love that they are precious babies and want to be my children

So when I am having that rough day. Or when I am struggling to find the strength to tackle the next room. Or when I am feeling lonely, left out or just forgotten I look at them. I might even just scoop them up and put them in my bed so that I can snuggle them. You just thought they climbed in my bed all on their own but sometimes I can't leave them alone while they sleep.

My life is blessed with 4 gorgeous, intelligent and down right cute little babies.

I know Zeus is counting the days til he can hold each one of them in his arms. How many is it Zeus? Ok, I'll help you. 17 days!!! Yep that is 17 days until I am in the arms of my love and 4 beauties are in the arms of their Pop!

What a fantastic day that will be. Until then, I shall pack. I shall wash. I shall scrub. I shall pull. I shall organize. I shall prepare this place for our exit.

Come back soon and check out what is next in the Haskins House "on the move".