Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A flash of what could've been

Tonight I sit here in the quiet with all babies in bed, dog resting, missing Zeus and world going to sleep. Life is beautiful.

I love my life, albeit extremely stressful and difficult, I love it. I need to continue to remind myself of this especially when there is a trail of dog poop down the hall left from little shoes, or a sink piled high of pots and pans that can't go through the dishwasher, or slow to get dressed children at 7 am, or a cute sleepy little boy that does not want to go with me to the bus stop in the morning. I love my life

Tonight God gave me a little nudge. Well more like a shove. Nevertheless he got my attention.

The munchkins and I sat down to play the newest of new board game called Connect 4x4. Actually Zulu and I started playing and then Omega and Zero wanted to play too so I definitely welcomed them. After only winning one game out of 5 I noticed the clock hanging above the T.V. It said 7:55pm. Opps, missed bedtime. Oh well!

I gently instructed the children to go brush those little "toofies" while I put the game away. Minutes after sending them off I hear Zero panicking in the midst of arguing little boys and she sounded BAD. I dropped the game and went running only to find Ziggy not breathing and blue with his mouth wide open. He was in hysterics to say the least. I excitedly sent Omega off to get ice while I figured out what happened and got Ziggy to come to. Yes, he was slightly unresponsive and kinda googly eyed. Zero and Zulu were my eye witnesses and explained exactly what happened very clearly.

Am I kidding? NO! Ziggy has had about 4 similar events in the last year. All the while Zeus has been away due to military travel. Yea, thanks. Every. Single. Time.

So what feels like hours is only mere minutes. I question him like he is a Guantanamo detainee. What is your name? How do you spell it? How old are you? Who is the girl standing beside me? What are we doing soon? Do you know where you are? I repeat these over and over thinking oh crap I am going to have to make THAT call. A quick prayer to God asking for help and bam he remembers every question I asked him and answered them all correctly. WHEW!!! Scared, Heck yea. Nothing compares to the fear that was pulsating through my veins. I was picturing all those TV movies and terrible news stories replacing those people with my son and I. Thankfully He is ok. There is a nasty cut and Bright Blue blood bubble on his hairline.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what happened. Silly me. I get ahead of myself sometimes. Sorry bout that.

While trying to get his toothbrush he decided to stand on the lid of the toilet seat. When he reached over the lid slid dumping him directly on the floor head first. He ended up landing on the gold metal strip that holds down the carpet over the linoleum. NOT GOOD!!!

What a flash of what could've been. I am thankful for his safety. I am thankful for his life and I promise I will do better and I will slow down and relish the life of a mother with 4 beautiful, smart, talented and smiling young children.

Ziggy I love you my child and please please try to land on your feet just a little more.