Friday, January 8, 2010

Building one bra at a time!

Hey Bloggy Buddies!

Yesterday after I began checking my facebook updates I was caught off guard, well maybe just concerned that a terrible virus had hit many of my facebook friends. I would see: silver, Black with white polka dots, white, nude, yellow, blue, brown, pink, black with purple polka dots, red, turquoise and so forth as several of my friends status. I was scared to even be on the FB site at that moment. Truly concerned for my friends I started messaging everyone with these random colors asking what, huh, and why. I really was lost. I think I was more concerned that our pages were hacked than anything. But a few minutes after making the first of my many posts went by and I had received 22 messages to my facebook inbox. The first thing in my mind was Holy moly it hit me too. But then I started reading these messages.

Someone was trying to be unique and obviously was trying to watch something unfold, which did, just like the flu. It caught on VERY quickly. Needless to say I did not participate because I am a little more conservative. But these messages were suppose to be in support of Breast cancer awareness. Which I believe is wonderful. We need to help ourselves and remind others to be aware and continue to self exam and report to doctors with ANY abnormal findings. So the colors that I stumbled upon all day yesterday were the colors of that woman's bra. Ok, so I see the point in the support but I am not sure I totally agree with posting the color of your underwear.

Nevertheless I support my friends and family and definitely love all the beautiful opinions and personalities that are all intertwined via Facebook.

So I totally made a fool of myself or felt like I had made a fool of myself for leaving the comment "one eyed one horn flying purple people eater" on one of my friends pages before I knew what her "black with purple polka dots" meant. Yea, I did say that. I was simply trying to be funny. But as I read the other comments on her page I made myself look like a donkey. Completely not the intent. I am going to go back and apologize to her because I am sure she was shocked but it was my plain ignorance.

Anyways I updated my status earlier in the day to say "Can anyone explain why 9 or more of my FB friends have random colors as their status? Totallyconfused now". The comments section on this post lit up like fireworks immediately. WOW, so many people were replying. Then 1, 2 and a third person got into a fairly heated argument via FB commenting on my page. At first I was perplexed. Hmmmm, is exactly what I was thinking. WOW we have some serious strong feelings. But I continued to watch it unfold. Amazingly enough the fight continued. In my twisted little head I really wanted to see these 3 in the town square having it out right there for all of us to see. It really was intriguing to read. But then something came to me.

What is amazing by all this is the fact that people from 3 different states could discuss something like Breast Cancer awareness granted, via facebook, was awesome to me. But the fact that it is a hot issue that is important to society is even better. We need more conversations like this. They kept their comments and accusations fairly clean and did not throw any expletives out there. I like that touchy topics such as this can be discussed. We need more of this. Don't you think for one minute that during the Continental Congress and writing of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights that there were not heated arguments like this. Um yea, just a few. I would love to find that book. This is America. This is how we create compromise. This is how we need to grow our country and this is exactly how we need to continue. Now, you must know that with opinions come disagreements but we need to be accepting of these disagreements and help find the middle of the road so that we ALL give a little to gain something great.

I hope you will not shy away from the abortion, health care, gun, and gay and lesbian debates. I hope you will step up and voice your opinion, since nobody is RIGHT, and help mold the future of our nation. Do it respectively! Do it with an open, loving heart and lets make this America remember US!!!! I sure would like to be thought of as the greatest generation that made it through some REALLY tough issues and laid a resurfaced foundation. Join with me and lets stop making HOT topics taboo. Bring them up but please do it respectfully. What a difference we could make!
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