Friday, January 1, 2010

The Best Yet

This week was a very momentous occasion in our house. Its something you might dream of but not quite grasp until that day finally comes. That day came on Dec. 30, 2009.

Zeus and I managed to maintain and grow our love for each other for 10 years. WOW, I used to think people that continued to be married more than 5 years were crazy and then I opened my eyes and Zeus and I were past that point. Awesome.
10 years of marriage.
Definitely not easy. We had our times of turmoil, frustration, unhappiness but through all the negative days we pushed through knowing that DIVORCE was not an option. We were going to get through this together and love each other more in the end. The end has not come and I hope it lasts 70 more years like we have planned. But a big milestone was reached and Zeus and I celebrated it in a big way.

Zeus worked it out to have a babysitter, well babysitters, for 3 days. He had developed a plan and was going to surprise me. But I insisted on knowing the plan and being a part of the development stage. Thankfully he caved and shared his part. Leaving me to critique and fine tune.
We left early Tuesday morning headed for Ohio. Our first destination was Canton, Ohio. Anybody know whats there? Any sports fans out there? Football fans?

Ok, Ok, Canton Ohio is home to the Pro Football hall of fame. Now, do not freak out because we were going there for our 10th anniversary. I am a little bit of a football fan. I love the Dallas Cowboys and let me just tell you, there are just a few Dallas Cowboys inductees and records. We have been trying to get there for some time and just could not clear the calendar enough. So what better place to go, right?

We got to see some amazing artifacts and pieces of football history.

I even got to see and stand beside the Lombardi trophy, you know that big silver one that goes to the Super Bowl Champion. Yea, I saw it with my own 2 eyes and stood inches from it.

After exploring the HOF, which by the way was AWE to the SOME, we headed to check into the hotel a few miles away. We had to change clothes quickly and head to dinner.

Holy cow, Dinner was by far the most romantic, exquisite, and amazing place ever. We ate at the Blue Canyon kitchen and Tavern near Stow, Ohio. Absolutely breathtaking. It was like walking into a ski lodge or cabin. The entire theme and decor was rustic including antler chandeliers, antler sconces, hand painted murals, festive decorations and HUMONGOUS double sided fireplace. To top it off we sat in a corner by the window and mother nature wished us a Happy Anniversary by snowing. AWWWWWW. It truly was something out of a story book. No joke you guys. I was stunned and just took it all in. The food was to die for and the waitress knew it was our anniversary along with the rest of the staff since we booked our reservations through so they made it super special. Really cool. Thanks BCK!!! This one will be a hard one to beat.

Then we rushed off to a local playhouse to see a musical called "Guys on Ice". The play was about 3 Green bay packer fans that go ice fishing. It was hysterical. Really funny and the guys all had great voices too. What a wonderful end to a picture perfect day.

Day 2 Wed. Dec 30, 2009.

We woke up early and checked out of fancy dancy hotel. Yea, it had a BIG honking jacuzzi tub right beside the bed. That was fun.

We headed down south to a place called Hocking Hills, OH. We had booked a secluded cabin in the mountains for that night. It was a 3 hour drive from Stow so we took our time and enjoyed the car ride together. Zeus kinda liked the long curvy country roads. You know the ones with hills that cause you to lose your stomach when you go over them. Uh huh, he had a little too much fun torturing me on those. We made it up in the snow no less. Got the keys picked out some movies and headed to cabin.

This place was UN freaking Believable. We were in the woods by ourselves with snow on the ground in a log cabin. I walked up to the door and there was a sweet message from the staff wishing us a happy anniversary. When I opened the door I felt me knees get weak. I think tears wanted to come out but it was just to cold. The room was lit with battery operated t-lites. There was a dozen roses on the dining table with a chocolate rose next to them. On all the tables, end tables dressers and what have you were scattered red and pink rose petals. The Bed had a big rose petal heart. The fire was lit. Soft music was playing. OH my. I was in extreme heaven at this point. WOW, that was all I could say. WOW! That was so stinking romantic. We hurried to get everything in and unpacked because we had a dual massage coming 30 minutes after arriving. And yes, we had side by side massages in out cabin. Thanks Blue valley Massage. The ladies were very good. Then we had some time to kill so after the most relaxing peaceful massages we decided it was time to take advantage of our own hot tub on the back porch. Zeus grabbed the wine and glasses and set up the Checkers. We drank Moscato and played checkers in the hot tub. Now remember there was snow on the ground, woods all around us and out of nowhere came a family of 5 deer. Oh boy, it just keeps getting better. We relaxed while playing checkers and watching the deer. Breathtaking is about the only word that can describe this place and setting. I really thought I was in a movie at one point. What better way to spend with your spouse than this. My Zeus hit it spot on this time. After that we needed to shower and head back to town which was a little over 75 minute drive to meet some long time friends for dinner.

Before that I wanted to stop and pick something up for the sitter so we went to a mall. We go in and are walking and all of the sudden Zeus pulls me by the back of my coat into a store. OH MY HEAVENS, its a jewelry store. I had been subtly hinting at wanting a new ring, you know a right hand anniversary ring. He got em. Can you believe it? He got my hints. When we walked in he told the lady and gentlemen whatever she wants. She wants a new ring, let her pick it out. It did not take me long because I had been shopping or searching for a ring for weeks. I knew exactly what I wanted. It did not take long and BAM, there it was. The ring I so longed for. Even in the right size! 20 minutes later we walked out with gift for sitter and BRAND NEW RING for me. Thank you my sweet Zeus, it is gorgeous.

Now we headed to Olive Garden to meet our friends.

Dinner was extremely nice because I had not seen them in over 7 years and Zeus just over 4. It was amazing. I knew I had missed them but it was like we picked up right where we left off. I am grateful to them for driving over an hour to meet us and so glad that we were able to have that opportunity. I just love the salad and bread sticks at O.G. too. The place brings back memories for us and really was great that we could share that with them. Thanks C and D!

Then we were off to walmart and the cabin. It was a SCARY drive back because it was snowing, the roads were not all that safe, it was nighttime and Zeus was having WAY too much fun slipping and sliding. Plus the deer were out in full force. We almost hit not one but 3 separate FAMILIES of deer. By the time we made it back I was beat. It was after 11 and we were going to have a long drive the next day.

Zeus out did himself for this one. He absolutely made it a dream. He says it was one of the top 10 we have ever had. HAHAHA, he is so funny. I say, it is the BEST YET.

Blessings on 10 more fabulous, fun and joyous years with the man of MY DREAMS.


Amy said...

GREAT ANNIVERSARY! Good job to you two!

Christy Lynn said...

How sweet! Happy anniversary, you guys. What a fabulous way to celebrate!

I had to laugh when you said "AWE to the SOME!" Lol!