Friday, January 29, 2010

What I wouldn't give

Today I am beginning to feel very sad. Its not the sad that you would think. I mean, I miss my husband but I am not sad for him. I am sad because of what we as a family and what my children have to leave behind when we move in 3 weeks.

When we first got here we were nervous because we heard nothing good coming from our neighbors about D.C. public schools. I was very nervous about moving here the first week of August and only having 2 weeks to research, interview and select a school we felt fit our needs. Being very pregnant this was not going to be easy. Zeus and I pressed on and to our amazement both of school aged children were accepted into a school we thought sounded good.

Fast forward to today. We now have 3 children in this school and will never forget the memories we have made here.

Now, D.C.P.S have a terrible reputation and I am not sure why. We are in a public school on Capitol Hill and I could not be happier. These children have been able to experience history as they learn it.

What I wouldn't give to have been able to read about MLK, JR. and visit the place of his speech, much less perform the speech for hundreds at the very spot he gave it. AMAZING.

What I wouldn't give to have my teacher come to my birthday party. Yes, Our teachers attend our birthday parties. Now that is love and commitment.

What I wouldn't give to have been able to go to one of the worlds greatest art museum after learning what art means to us.

What I wouldn't give to have visited Ford's Theatre and the house across the street when learning about President Lincoln.

What I wouldn't give to have been able to walk the halls of the U.S capitol after a government lesson.

What I wouldn't give to have stepped into the White House after learning its history and the history of the Presidency.

What I wouldn't give to have visited world class farms after our animal lessons.

What I wouldn't give to have experienced Inauguration as a child.

What I wouldn't give to have visited Arlington national cemetery EVERY single memorial day.

Life lessons coupled with field trips to engrave them into your mind.

What I wouldn't give to have been able to drive by the U.S. Capitol I went to school.

What I wouldn't give to have professional actors come give acting lessons once a week.

What I wouldn't give to have a professional storyteller come tell me stories once a week.

What I wouldn't give to have all sorts of gardens around my school to start, cultivate, write about, eat and learn about.

These are the things that we are going to miss. The list goes on and on. Children going to school with Senators children, federal employees children, children of lost soldiers, Chinese adopted children, poor children, and rich children. I am more than pleased to have experienced the love of teachers, principals and administration.

D.C.P.S may get a bad rap but it is not going to come from me. I will walk away praising the work those people do because they use their hearts. My children are better children today after being a part of a great family here in D.C. I must thank the staff, teachers and administration of the Capitol Hill Cluster school to include Peabody and Watkins elementary schools. Thank you for your kindness, love and patience. Thank you for loving my children and caring for them much like I do. We leave this place with you all in our hearts. We had teachers from Pre-K all the way to fourth grade and everyone of them was incredible. Thank you so much.

This week my son had his last school assembly. I cried. If you know me it takes a lot to make me cry. I was sad because I know at our next place we will not be able to share Americas rich history as clearly and as memorably as we have here. Here he is singing about Rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement.

What I wouldn't give to make my children's lives the best they can be.

Blessings to all of you and I welcome you back here to read more about The Haskins House on the move.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do you live for?

These days as I wake up to a house that is in shambles I look around at empty walls and stacked picture frames, packed luggages and messes everywhere. I ask myself What am I doing?
It doesn't take long to remember why I push through these rough days. Why I step over the piles of clothes, books, toys to get to the bathroom. Why I run around like a lost chicken. Do you wanna know why? Well I'll give you 4 guesses.

This is why

I live for the smiles, hugs, kisses and I love you Mommy.

These 4 little beings are what give me the drive to carry on when all I want to do is hide in a corner and sleep it all away. They bring me joy and peace. If you know mine then you know they also bring a little chaos, stress and frustration but I try not to dwell on those moments. I try to remember the special ones like when my Omega stands in the office singing at the top of his lungs " Back of the Bus" or when Zero makes her own song on her piano and it actually sounds like an adult wrote it. Or when Ziggy hugs my neck first thing in the morning and says "I love you". Or when Zulu tries as hard as he can to beat me in the box game. These are why I press on.

I love that I can take them to places like Build a Bear for a belated birthday party.

I love that I can make them smile by buying them Cake Love cupcakes

I love that they are precious babies and want to be my children

So when I am having that rough day. Or when I am struggling to find the strength to tackle the next room. Or when I am feeling lonely, left out or just forgotten I look at them. I might even just scoop them up and put them in my bed so that I can snuggle them. You just thought they climbed in my bed all on their own but sometimes I can't leave them alone while they sleep.

My life is blessed with 4 gorgeous, intelligent and down right cute little babies.

I know Zeus is counting the days til he can hold each one of them in his arms. How many is it Zeus? Ok, I'll help you. 17 days!!! Yep that is 17 days until I am in the arms of my love and 4 beauties are in the arms of their Pop!

What a fantastic day that will be. Until then, I shall pack. I shall wash. I shall scrub. I shall pull. I shall organize. I shall prepare this place for our exit.

Come back soon and check out what is next in the Haskins House "on the move".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perfect Storm

Tonight as I stand changing the clothes from the washer to the dryer I started thinking.
No, don't say your little sarcastic comments. Uh oh shes thinking. No, I don't need anymore negative right now. I was thinking about the life I lead and the life my family leads.

I look at what is required of a military family. I look at what is required as a Stay at home mom. I look at what is required as a Single parent. I look at what is required as a part time wife.

Military family.
Most think we get all these special privileges. Not so much. As a military family we are subject to short term assignments, meaning moving to a place for a very short while only to move less than a year later. Is that easy? You tell me. Want my answer? No! heck no! Does it happen often? Sure it does. Not everyone experiences it, but it happens. Then you must start all over making friends, creating another support group, opening yourself up and figuring out who you can trust and who you can't. You have to run around like a chicken handing pieces of paper called "orders" to everyone on base to prove you have to move and set up a million appointments. Sometimes being a military family requires you to have short notice moves. Where they, The Gov't, hands you these so called "orders" and you have to move sometimes less than 30 days. Most people will never experience the life of a military family. Most people will not have pity for a military family. Most people choose to ignore the strife and struggles of a military family. Most people never listen or care to listen to a military families story.

Stay at home Moms!
Well this is the most thankless job you will ever experience. No seriously, you are on call 24/7/365 without extra pay.
You have to make sure kids are up and get ready for school or you have to get them ready for school. Then you shuttle to school or the bus. You wash clothes and sheets. You cook lunch and dinner. You have to do dishes 3 or more times a day. Your name is called 5 million times a day. You wipe butts. Clean toilets. Clean sinks that get dirty again hours later. You scrub carpets. You pay bills. You forget to shower. You organize cabinets and garages. You make beds and call your friends. You miss your shows and vacuum the carpets. You scrub the tile and wipe down the table. You hug and kiss the ouchies and boo boos. You worry. You wait. You lose yourself to become someones mom. You have to grocery shop. You do laundry and check the mail. You fill out homework sheets and pass out field trip money. You listen to 4 little ones days all at the same time. You help with homework while you haven't seen that in 20 years. You suggest problem solutions. You listen to arguments and settle fights. You discipline and coach the sports team. You do all this and more without a single THANK YOU. You do this without a paycheck. You do this without any promotion or reward. You do this to provide the best for your kids and give them have what you didn't. THE HARDEST MOST SELFLESS JOB IN THE WORLD

Single Parent!
Remember the above paragraph. Now throw in there a traveling, training, hardly at home father and your job just got 10 million times harder because now you have to do it all on your own without any physical support, mental support, or anyone to tell you they are with you and you can do it. Now you have to ask those people you barely know to help you. You have to juggle it all in 2 hands hoping nothing falls while you dance to the birthday parties, field trips, doctor appt's, luncheons, and God forbid hospitals all while dealing with a cranky baby, hungry siblings and poopy pants. FUN!!!

Part Time Wife!
You are never told or taught how to be this, part time wife. How to call or Text without being too nosy or overbearing. You are not taught how to be casual when you are fuming mad at the spouse on the other end of the phone. They don't tell you that you will not hear from your spouse for days sometimes weeks and not worry. You are never taught to be patient and loving when your spouse forgets about you and how your day went. You have to learn and figure out that your needs are never as important as the trips, traveling and training. You are not told about how stressful you make their day. You have to figure out how to be in his life without being there physically. You have to figure out how to stay positive when you feel less than and completely 2 inches tall. You have to figure out how to be the shining light 250 or 5000 miles away. You have to learn not to expect a Thank you. You have to learn how to deal with the sarcasm when all you needed or wanted was sympathy. You have to be ready for them to come home early. You have to be willing to cancel plans when they get called out early. You have to learn to wash their laundry with lightening speed when they are only home 18 hours. You have to squash any expectations for birthday's or Anniversaries because they are not THAT important. Being this PT wife has got to be one of the hardest things you will ever do.

All of these things are tough. But when you put all of these things together you just stepped in my life for a brief minute. Yes, I am a military family, stay at home mom, Single parent and part time wife. All of these things can be amazing. They can be humbling. All of these things can also combine to become the perfect storm.

I am grateful to be a wife and mother. I am grateful for having a husband that cares for his family and has a job. Don't get me wrong things could be a heck of a lot worse. But I think if they were worse I may not be here. What I am getting at is that today I am feeling powerless, helpless, unappreciated, nameless, and downright dumb.

I have come to the conclusion that I must surrender my hopes and dreams for myself. My children's hopes and dreams have to come first. My Husbands job will always determine where I live, what I live in, the kind of schools my kids go to and how much he sees us. It is never easy. I hope that one day I can come to gripes with this conclusion. I would like to accept it with open arms instead of it being shoved into my tightly crossed arms.

Lord help me release the Ice skating, counseling, photography and travel. Help me accept the snot, puke, dirty nails, and showerless days. Until then please keep this Perfect Storm from gathering steam and moving into the next low pressure area over my head.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A flash of what could've been

Tonight I sit here in the quiet with all babies in bed, dog resting, missing Zeus and world going to sleep. Life is beautiful.

I love my life, albeit extremely stressful and difficult, I love it. I need to continue to remind myself of this especially when there is a trail of dog poop down the hall left from little shoes, or a sink piled high of pots and pans that can't go through the dishwasher, or slow to get dressed children at 7 am, or a cute sleepy little boy that does not want to go with me to the bus stop in the morning. I love my life

Tonight God gave me a little nudge. Well more like a shove. Nevertheless he got my attention.

The munchkins and I sat down to play the newest of new board game called Connect 4x4. Actually Zulu and I started playing and then Omega and Zero wanted to play too so I definitely welcomed them. After only winning one game out of 5 I noticed the clock hanging above the T.V. It said 7:55pm. Opps, missed bedtime. Oh well!

I gently instructed the children to go brush those little "toofies" while I put the game away. Minutes after sending them off I hear Zero panicking in the midst of arguing little boys and she sounded BAD. I dropped the game and went running only to find Ziggy not breathing and blue with his mouth wide open. He was in hysterics to say the least. I excitedly sent Omega off to get ice while I figured out what happened and got Ziggy to come to. Yes, he was slightly unresponsive and kinda googly eyed. Zero and Zulu were my eye witnesses and explained exactly what happened very clearly.

Am I kidding? NO! Ziggy has had about 4 similar events in the last year. All the while Zeus has been away due to military travel. Yea, thanks. Every. Single. Time.

So what feels like hours is only mere minutes. I question him like he is a Guantanamo detainee. What is your name? How do you spell it? How old are you? Who is the girl standing beside me? What are we doing soon? Do you know where you are? I repeat these over and over thinking oh crap I am going to have to make THAT call. A quick prayer to God asking for help and bam he remembers every question I asked him and answered them all correctly. WHEW!!! Scared, Heck yea. Nothing compares to the fear that was pulsating through my veins. I was picturing all those TV movies and terrible news stories replacing those people with my son and I. Thankfully He is ok. There is a nasty cut and Bright Blue blood bubble on his hairline.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what happened. Silly me. I get ahead of myself sometimes. Sorry bout that.

While trying to get his toothbrush he decided to stand on the lid of the toilet seat. When he reached over the lid slid dumping him directly on the floor head first. He ended up landing on the gold metal strip that holds down the carpet over the linoleum. NOT GOOD!!!

What a flash of what could've been. I am thankful for his safety. I am thankful for his life and I promise I will do better and I will slow down and relish the life of a mother with 4 beautiful, smart, talented and smiling young children.

Ziggy I love you my child and please please try to land on your feet just a little more.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Building one bra at a time!

Hey Bloggy Buddies!

Yesterday after I began checking my facebook updates I was caught off guard, well maybe just concerned that a terrible virus had hit many of my facebook friends. I would see: silver, Black with white polka dots, white, nude, yellow, blue, brown, pink, black with purple polka dots, red, turquoise and so forth as several of my friends status. I was scared to even be on the FB site at that moment. Truly concerned for my friends I started messaging everyone with these random colors asking what, huh, and why. I really was lost. I think I was more concerned that our pages were hacked than anything. But a few minutes after making the first of my many posts went by and I had received 22 messages to my facebook inbox. The first thing in my mind was Holy moly it hit me too. But then I started reading these messages.

Someone was trying to be unique and obviously was trying to watch something unfold, which did, just like the flu. It caught on VERY quickly. Needless to say I did not participate because I am a little more conservative. But these messages were suppose to be in support of Breast cancer awareness. Which I believe is wonderful. We need to help ourselves and remind others to be aware and continue to self exam and report to doctors with ANY abnormal findings. So the colors that I stumbled upon all day yesterday were the colors of that woman's bra. Ok, so I see the point in the support but I am not sure I totally agree with posting the color of your underwear.

Nevertheless I support my friends and family and definitely love all the beautiful opinions and personalities that are all intertwined via Facebook.

So I totally made a fool of myself or felt like I had made a fool of myself for leaving the comment "one eyed one horn flying purple people eater" on one of my friends pages before I knew what her "black with purple polka dots" meant. Yea, I did say that. I was simply trying to be funny. But as I read the other comments on her page I made myself look like a donkey. Completely not the intent. I am going to go back and apologize to her because I am sure she was shocked but it was my plain ignorance.

Anyways I updated my status earlier in the day to say "Can anyone explain why 9 or more of my FB friends have random colors as their status? Totallyconfused now". The comments section on this post lit up like fireworks immediately. WOW, so many people were replying. Then 1, 2 and a third person got into a fairly heated argument via FB commenting on my page. At first I was perplexed. Hmmmm, is exactly what I was thinking. WOW we have some serious strong feelings. But I continued to watch it unfold. Amazingly enough the fight continued. In my twisted little head I really wanted to see these 3 in the town square having it out right there for all of us to see. It really was intriguing to read. But then something came to me.

What is amazing by all this is the fact that people from 3 different states could discuss something like Breast Cancer awareness granted, via facebook, was awesome to me. But the fact that it is a hot issue that is important to society is even better. We need more conversations like this. They kept their comments and accusations fairly clean and did not throw any expletives out there. I like that touchy topics such as this can be discussed. We need more of this. Don't you think for one minute that during the Continental Congress and writing of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights that there were not heated arguments like this. Um yea, just a few. I would love to find that book. This is America. This is how we create compromise. This is how we need to grow our country and this is exactly how we need to continue. Now, you must know that with opinions come disagreements but we need to be accepting of these disagreements and help find the middle of the road so that we ALL give a little to gain something great.

I hope you will not shy away from the abortion, health care, gun, and gay and lesbian debates. I hope you will step up and voice your opinion, since nobody is RIGHT, and help mold the future of our nation. Do it respectively! Do it with an open, loving heart and lets make this America remember US!!!! I sure would like to be thought of as the greatest generation that made it through some REALLY tough issues and laid a resurfaced foundation. Join with me and lets stop making HOT topics taboo. Bring them up but please do it respectfully. What a difference we could make!
Where's the closest water cooler? I'm there

Blessings and come back to The HASKINS HOUSE for more topics.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was a great day but, as I sit here thinking how relaxed I was It brings back the memories of 2009.

What a year! The year started out amazing with my husbands 30th birthday, our acceptance to AFOTS, a wonderful spring break, awesome summer trip and then well a few bumps were placed in the road.

I made some mistakes that I am not proud of, but that I accept. Those mistakes lead to some harsh consequences that I seem to think still do not fit the crime but none the less were handed down.

I lost a few good people in my life. Not by death. Not really sure exactly when or how but nevertheless they are gone and I will forever mourn those lost relationships. I have given it to God and that has given me peace. But it does not take all the pain and sadness away. I understand that it will fade over time but will leave a lasting scar to my heart.

I made a few amazing friends throughout this whole ordeal and I am most grateful for that today. I was also able to nurture a few other relationships thus sealing them as Gold.

There were great accomplishments this past year like weight loss, size reduction, optimism and beautiful growth in my marriage. I managed to learn more about my children and to be accepting of their little personalities, flaws and all. I was able to help others in tough times like providing childcare, helping paint, some times even mowing. I was given the great opportunity to grow a very young relationship with someone I might have never known. God is great.

I am most thankful to all those( you know who you are) who stepped up to help me. Who saw a need and said something. Those that made me important to them and their lives. Those who gave completely anonymously out of the goodness of their heart. Thank you each and everyone of you for your extreme kindness. Whether it was babysitting, chatting, monetary, and just plain thoughtfulness each something was well appreciated.

Life is quite an amazing journey. The year 2009 is now history and for that I am MOST grateful.

With 2010 here and alive and I looking forward to awesome things like a family move, a great pay raise, a new position as a wife and mother, and new hope that lost relationships will be replaced with bigger and better new ones. A new perspective of God my father and his hand in my life and my children's. I am renewed with his spirit and understand his love is undying. No twitter post, blog post, facebook update, phone call or misunderstanding will tear us apart. I have a friend til the end and that is all I need. He is here with me no matter if I have my morning face, happy face, sad face, or disgusted face on. At 3am when I am crying in deep desperation he is there holding my hand. Every once in a while I need a little reminder of that and I am grateful to wonderful facebook friends, tweeps and family for sending me those little reminders always at just the right time.

My hopes for this year include big things, fun places, peace, love and joy. I always say I have 2 things I love more than anything in life those are my family and my camera. HAHAHA, I sure do love taking photos.

Look for more photos on my blog, shorter more frequent blog posts and a deeper understanding of who I am.

I am going to try to be more transparent. There is nothing to hide. There is no reason to lie. I am me and I am learning to love me. Why don't you join me?

Welcome 2010 and all the adventures life will provide me and my family.

Blessings and Happy New Year to all of you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Best Yet

This week was a very momentous occasion in our house. Its something you might dream of but not quite grasp until that day finally comes. That day came on Dec. 30, 2009.

Zeus and I managed to maintain and grow our love for each other for 10 years. WOW, I used to think people that continued to be married more than 5 years were crazy and then I opened my eyes and Zeus and I were past that point. Awesome.
10 years of marriage.
Definitely not easy. We had our times of turmoil, frustration, unhappiness but through all the negative days we pushed through knowing that DIVORCE was not an option. We were going to get through this together and love each other more in the end. The end has not come and I hope it lasts 70 more years like we have planned. But a big milestone was reached and Zeus and I celebrated it in a big way.

Zeus worked it out to have a babysitter, well babysitters, for 3 days. He had developed a plan and was going to surprise me. But I insisted on knowing the plan and being a part of the development stage. Thankfully he caved and shared his part. Leaving me to critique and fine tune.
We left early Tuesday morning headed for Ohio. Our first destination was Canton, Ohio. Anybody know whats there? Any sports fans out there? Football fans?

Ok, Ok, Canton Ohio is home to the Pro Football hall of fame. Now, do not freak out because we were going there for our 10th anniversary. I am a little bit of a football fan. I love the Dallas Cowboys and let me just tell you, there are just a few Dallas Cowboys inductees and records. We have been trying to get there for some time and just could not clear the calendar enough. So what better place to go, right?

We got to see some amazing artifacts and pieces of football history.

I even got to see and stand beside the Lombardi trophy, you know that big silver one that goes to the Super Bowl Champion. Yea, I saw it with my own 2 eyes and stood inches from it.

After exploring the HOF, which by the way was AWE to the SOME, we headed to check into the hotel a few miles away. We had to change clothes quickly and head to dinner.

Holy cow, Dinner was by far the most romantic, exquisite, and amazing place ever. We ate at the Blue Canyon kitchen and Tavern near Stow, Ohio. Absolutely breathtaking. It was like walking into a ski lodge or cabin. The entire theme and decor was rustic including antler chandeliers, antler sconces, hand painted murals, festive decorations and HUMONGOUS double sided fireplace. To top it off we sat in a corner by the window and mother nature wished us a Happy Anniversary by snowing. AWWWWWW. It truly was something out of a story book. No joke you guys. I was stunned and just took it all in. The food was to die for and the waitress knew it was our anniversary along with the rest of the staff since we booked our reservations through so they made it super special. Really cool. Thanks BCK!!! This one will be a hard one to beat.

Then we rushed off to a local playhouse to see a musical called "Guys on Ice". The play was about 3 Green bay packer fans that go ice fishing. It was hysterical. Really funny and the guys all had great voices too. What a wonderful end to a picture perfect day.

Day 2 Wed. Dec 30, 2009.

We woke up early and checked out of fancy dancy hotel. Yea, it had a BIG honking jacuzzi tub right beside the bed. That was fun.

We headed down south to a place called Hocking Hills, OH. We had booked a secluded cabin in the mountains for that night. It was a 3 hour drive from Stow so we took our time and enjoyed the car ride together. Zeus kinda liked the long curvy country roads. You know the ones with hills that cause you to lose your stomach when you go over them. Uh huh, he had a little too much fun torturing me on those. We made it up in the snow no less. Got the keys picked out some movies and headed to cabin.

This place was UN freaking Believable. We were in the woods by ourselves with snow on the ground in a log cabin. I walked up to the door and there was a sweet message from the staff wishing us a happy anniversary. When I opened the door I felt me knees get weak. I think tears wanted to come out but it was just to cold. The room was lit with battery operated t-lites. There was a dozen roses on the dining table with a chocolate rose next to them. On all the tables, end tables dressers and what have you were scattered red and pink rose petals. The Bed had a big rose petal heart. The fire was lit. Soft music was playing. OH my. I was in extreme heaven at this point. WOW, that was all I could say. WOW! That was so stinking romantic. We hurried to get everything in and unpacked because we had a dual massage coming 30 minutes after arriving. And yes, we had side by side massages in out cabin. Thanks Blue valley Massage. The ladies were very good. Then we had some time to kill so after the most relaxing peaceful massages we decided it was time to take advantage of our own hot tub on the back porch. Zeus grabbed the wine and glasses and set up the Checkers. We drank Moscato and played checkers in the hot tub. Now remember there was snow on the ground, woods all around us and out of nowhere came a family of 5 deer. Oh boy, it just keeps getting better. We relaxed while playing checkers and watching the deer. Breathtaking is about the only word that can describe this place and setting. I really thought I was in a movie at one point. What better way to spend with your spouse than this. My Zeus hit it spot on this time. After that we needed to shower and head back to town which was a little over 75 minute drive to meet some long time friends for dinner.

Before that I wanted to stop and pick something up for the sitter so we went to a mall. We go in and are walking and all of the sudden Zeus pulls me by the back of my coat into a store. OH MY HEAVENS, its a jewelry store. I had been subtly hinting at wanting a new ring, you know a right hand anniversary ring. He got em. Can you believe it? He got my hints. When we walked in he told the lady and gentlemen whatever she wants. She wants a new ring, let her pick it out. It did not take me long because I had been shopping or searching for a ring for weeks. I knew exactly what I wanted. It did not take long and BAM, there it was. The ring I so longed for. Even in the right size! 20 minutes later we walked out with gift for sitter and BRAND NEW RING for me. Thank you my sweet Zeus, it is gorgeous.

Now we headed to Olive Garden to meet our friends.

Dinner was extremely nice because I had not seen them in over 7 years and Zeus just over 4. It was amazing. I knew I had missed them but it was like we picked up right where we left off. I am grateful to them for driving over an hour to meet us and so glad that we were able to have that opportunity. I just love the salad and bread sticks at O.G. too. The place brings back memories for us and really was great that we could share that with them. Thanks C and D!

Then we were off to walmart and the cabin. It was a SCARY drive back because it was snowing, the roads were not all that safe, it was nighttime and Zeus was having WAY too much fun slipping and sliding. Plus the deer were out in full force. We almost hit not one but 3 separate FAMILIES of deer. By the time we made it back I was beat. It was after 11 and we were going to have a long drive the next day.

Zeus out did himself for this one. He absolutely made it a dream. He says it was one of the top 10 we have ever had. HAHAHA, he is so funny. I say, it is the BEST YET.

Blessings on 10 more fabulous, fun and joyous years with the man of MY DREAMS.