Thursday, December 17, 2009

My favorite Part

As I sit here completely exhausted, mentally drained and ready to hang up my Mommy wings I think of the past two days and it reminds me of why I do what I do.

This time of year can be ridiculously busy. But I love it because this is the time of year that the children put on their Christmas/Season productions at school.

Yesterday was my 1st graders production. All the first grade classes either sang songs, performed poems or other group numbers. It was amazing that they managed to work in all the holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid, and New Years. My son's Class, Ms. Padilla, performed a Poem called I'm freezing. It was so precious. My little Zulu knew his lines and all the hand movements. He did not even turn his head to look at others. He knew exactly what he was suppose to do. And was so happy doing it. I was super proud of him. And I think he was super proud too

So tell me what do you think? Is he cute or what?

Today happened to me Zero's class performances. Her grade decided to do what they call an Art Explosion. It showcased individual talent and small groups. The kids sang, danced, performed martial arts, played guitar and some, like my daughter played Piano. Then we parents brought food and we had a winter feast. It really was a lot of fun and WOW, some of those kids will have a career in the arts some day.

Zero, my unbelievably shy and sensitive child really wanted to perform. I suggested her piano. So she practiced and practiced in her room every spare moment. She had planned to play Fur Elise. I was really excited because she sounded REALLY good in her room. But over the weekend she abandoned that idea and decided that she was not ready to showcase herself for fear of laughing and teasing. That moment gave me the opportunity to talk to her about life experiences. What a great tool our voices can be. After our discussion she decided maybe she could do it and she would try something not so ambitious. So she thought Ode to Joy would be more appropriate. I just supported her all the way, it didn't matter what I wanted her to play what mattered was that she was actually gonna do this.

Today came and well, I did not see her anywhere. I thought she made herself sick worrying and did not even come down the stairs from her floor. But after about 5 performances I spotted her in the back. Yes, she was all smiles. I did not know whether she had scratched herself or not. I was hoping not, but with her you just never know, the timidness seems to take control very quickly. So I sat patiently as they worked their way through the more than 30 performances. Low and behold around performance 20 I saw her make her way towards the stage and I thought WOW, she is gonna attempt this. Amazing. Then they announced her name and my heart was pounding. I was shaking and scared for her. I knew this was a HUGE hurdle for her mind. Putting herself out there was going to be tough but luckily she did it. Yes, she made mistakes, and started over but in the end my baby conquered her fear and performed her piano skills before more than 200 sets of eyes. It was awesome. I was so shocked that it made me cry. My heart was thrilled for her. I think our chats are making a difference in her self esteem and her pride is starting to shine and boy does it ever make my heart sing. My baby girl accomplished something I could never do as a child. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Without further adieu, here is my Zero and her first public piano performance. Way to go ZERO!!!

What an amazing two days! Motherhood can be tiring, draining and downright frustrating but it also can be humbling and fulfilling and yes, today was one of those days. It will go down in Haskins history as a great milestone for Miss Zero and her accomplishments. And I will remember this day when I am old, wrinkled and grey. This story has been etched into my brain ans shall continue to be told for years to come.

Blessings to all of you and with God's help and mother natures retreat my husband, Zeus will be home in 45 hours.