Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Sunday was another birthday in our house but this one happens to be a day when 2 of them share the same day. Unlike twins they are 4 years apart but still have the same day. Pretty rare but hey we like it.

We always let the kids decide on where they want to go out to eat and this time we changed it up and went to birthday breakfast instead of Dinner since the Gparents would be leaving. It was so much fun and the boys got to eat whatever they wanted.

Then we were able to Skype with Zeus and we let them open their presents while skyping since Dad could not be here with us. Next best thing right? He at least got to see some of the reactions.

They loved all their gifts. Guns, Games, Clothes, and fun. What more could they ask for?

Then we sang to them and they got to have an unusual store bought Ice cream cake since Mommy took the year off.

It was a great day. The boys enjoyed hanging out with their family and Gparents and loved shooting Nerf darts at each other.

Cheers to my new 4 Year old Ziggy

Cheers to my new 8 year old Omega.

Happy Birthday to my sweet babies. My babies you will always be and my love you will always have. Blessings on another successful year and very eventful year at that.

I love you Ziggy and Omega