Monday, December 7, 2009


Yes folks that's right we are working on family baby number 3 in a matter of 2 months. My Brother, my cousin and now another cousin. I seem to be surrounded by pregnant friends, frienemies(my new word, Thanks Conan) , family members and acquaintances. It is just crazy.

I made a diaper cake for the Lightfoot baby, which is my cousin. He will be here within the month and we are so very excited.

His Daddy and I are 4 weeks apart and grew up together through are teen years. We have so many memories that I can never forget him, our time together or the love I have for him. It is difficult to express your love and thankfulness to someone like him though. He is a manly man! He holds a very special place in my heart and I am so happy and excited that he is about to join my world of parenthood. What a blessing it is.

So I, being the crafty one, decided to make him and his wife a diaper cake. I love to make these for special people in my life. They are not easy or simple. I put a lot of thought, shopping, research into these works of art. Each one is unique and I like it that way. No 2 are alike.

Baby Lightfoot is having a Nautical theme or sailboat themed room. It will be adorable so I decided that, that was the theme I wanted to follow. Boy, I thought it would not be hard but was I ever wrong. The shopping, Ohhhhh, the shopping. I never thought I was going to find just the thing for it. Finally I did and added a little quirkiness and hilarity to it as well, since Daddy is a nut job. He is down right hilarious, sarcastic and maybe a little rude but I still love him. So without further adieu!

Here it is the Lightfoot Diaper cake.


Amy said...

That thing is AWESOME! A work of art. Great job.