Monday, December 14, 2009

3 year absence

This past week has been absolutely awesome. A little stressful to begin with but it worked itself out.

Wednesday evening my Mom(Pegster) and Stepdad(Sir Gramps-a-lot) flew in for a visit.
I packed our days with tons for sightseeing and events.

Thursday, We started out at Union Station and then we toured the Nations capitol and sat in to hear Congress and the House in session.

That was quite amazing to hear them debate this Healthcare bill, we even witnessed a spat between 2 Senators. It was funny to see that woman jump down that Man's throat. She was mad and he didn't seem to care.

Then we visited the Smithsonian of Natural History to see the beautiful Hope Diamond and other priceless jewels.

Next we were off to pick up the big kids from school.

This was the first time ever that Pegster and Sir Gramps-a-lot have ever ridden a subway/metro system. I think that got a kick out of it. I enjoyed showing them the place we have made a home for so long.

Friday, I was a sweet loving Mother and let the babies stay home to spend some time with their Grandparents. We showed them several memorials such as the Pentagon memorial, Air Force memorial and Iwo Jima ( US Marine memorial). We toured the Smithsonian American history Museum. Then we had Lunch at one of my families favorite restaurants, Chevy's Mexican.

Then we were off to see the National Christmas tree and Presidents park Santa.

Saturday was even better, We started the day out with a dear friend taking us to White House Communications kids Christmas party. It was great to share the day with her and show the parents a little of what we have done the past few years. Then Sir Gramps-a-lot and Pegster took us shopping for birthday's. It was so much fun. We all got new shoes and new outfits. Oh yea, Thanks Mom.

Sunday oh Sunday was my sweet little boys birthday. I will share this bit of info during my next post. Come back tomorrow to see what all the fuss was.

Until then Have a great day.
Oh and, Lets hope Gramps-a-lot and Pegster do not have another 3 year absence.

Blessings and yes he will be home in 4 more days