Saturday, November 21, 2009

Full of life

Oh yeah, This week we have been full of life. No kidding.

We started out making sure a school project Omega had was complete with all details. It turned out to awesome. Omega, was required to complete a 3-D 12x12 model of a certain memorial or monument here in D.C. The kids were chosen at random for all of the different monuments. Omega was lucky enough to have received one we knew about, National Korean War Memorial.

(Here he is with it)

We then had to prepare for a few field trips. The kids love these and I am most grateful for the teachers taking them and allowing them to experience different cultures and the rich history D.C has to offer. This is one thing WE will greatly miss after our departure. I encourage you to visit or if you live here to take time and get out there and see, learn and experience our past. It truly is interesting and just a little amazing.

I had to work quickly to finish a specific diaper cake for a dear cousin. That ended up taking a huge chunk of my week with shopping, researching, planning and constructing. It turned out beautiful. I will share photos once she has received it. I really like them to be surprises. I know you understand. Ok, so maybe not but you still can't see it yet.
One night a special friend cooked dinner for the kids and I and another single spouse. We had a blast and oh, her German cooking was quite appetizing. She is such a gift to my life. It truly is amazing to see what happens to you when you give up and give it to God. He has blessed me with such amazing women and for that I am most thankful. I hope you are just as blessed.

Another day it was my Momma's 49th birthday. Oh yea, she is getting old. I tried my best to make sure she knew she was thought of and special. Love ya Mom!

I devoted one morning to shopping for a new and spectacular formal gown. Zeus will be graduating in Feb and we will be attending something called a Dining Out, fancy military dinner and awards. I had a gown but was not willing to wear it again. So I did what all the wives are doing and that was to find a new one. And new one I did. It is absolutely breathtaking and well, will definitely stand out. I am keeping it under wraps because I want Zeus to be surprised when he sees me in it. I want some Shock value. Anyways there will be pictures following the event.

Omega had a museum at school showcasing all the memorial projects. That was incredible to see all the hard work or lack thereof the kids had exhausted. Some were incredible, others not so much. It was great to see how proud my little man was and his true pride he took of that project. He did so good.

I also had the pleasure of being visited by some dear friends. One even brought me Starbucks and a Turkey. What a sweet gal! I am glad Zeus befriended her. She has become a very important link and will be a part of our lives for many years to come.

Zulu was invited to a birthday party. But this party was special, not your average 6 year old birthday. He got to ride in a BIG, WHITE Limousine to and from the Laser Tag site. It was really cool to see the excitement the kids conveyed when they got in it. Super happy! Man, he outdid me. I rode in my first one at during my Senior Prom.

I must say it is absolutely incredible to be given the opportunity of hearing my sweet husbands voice. Although it does not happen everyday, I cherish each call. You should know that I am GIDDY with excitement knowing that he will be coming home for a visit in 28 days. Frantically trying to get my body in a NEW shape with these extreme workouts and also wanting to make sure everything is just so when he arrives.

I hope you had a great week. I am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday and working toward getting the laundry finished. Wish me Luck.

For now, Good Night, Good day and a BIG I MISS YOU ZEUS!!!