Wednesday, November 4, 2009

alive and "showerin"

Continuing on with our journey of life through a families eyes while Zeus is in Air Force Basic Officer Training.

Yesterday turned out to be a much better day for me and the family. Now, I did not get much accomplished here at the house but I did mange to pull out a pretty smile by bed time.

My children cooperated pretty well. We only had one spill at dinner and it was not a "bad" one.

I got to go shopping at the wonderful Old Navy with a friend and get me some much needed winter wear. I am very happy about that. Nice warm pants and snuggly shirts, woo hoo.

Much to my surprise last night my handsome hubby called me. Oh yes, I was thrilled to hear his voice but that is about the extent of it. He stayed on the line a whole 38 seconds. I know I must be crazy to know exactly how long but thankfully enough, it was all due to latest technology. I was on the cell so I have that documented. He said that he was alive and was told to tell me that. He said he is OK, he loves me and then had to take a "quick" shower. He was one of the few that actually got to shower. And that was it. Nothing less, Nothing more.

Its funny because I am completely rejuvenated today after speaking with him. I was able to sleep very well, even though I had 3 little munchkins in the bed when the alarm went off.

A week or so ago I ordered the kids some books from one of those magazine book fairs. You know, the ones we got so excited about when we were kids. Yea, I am that mom. So, I had asked them what kinds of books they each wanted or might be interested in? Zulu came home yesterday thrilled to tell me the books came in. All 3 big kids were super excited to start reading their new book. Amazingly enough, our TV did not come on last night at all. My munchkins were raging readers. They didn't want to go to bed because they did not want to stop reading. So cool to see them enjoy reading.

Great day, Great night, Good Sleep and now a Great Morning

TD-O complete
only 60 more to go


Amy said...

You are doing great. I LOVE that your kids spent all night reading. I'm working on instilling the love of books in Jules. :-D