Monday, November 16, 2009

33 Days

Yep, Yep, Yep Only 33 days until I can hug and kiss my honey. Aren't you excited? NO? Ok, but I am. Yes, in the Air Force( I can't speak for the other services) official training takes a break for Christmas. So in the middle of my husbands Officer training I will get to spend 14 days with him without ANY work/AF duties. YEA, can I get a RIGHT ON!!! Ok wait, scratch that. I will get to spend 14 days with ALL 5 members of my family. This will be interesting. We have no plans. Maybe I better plan a girls getaway or something. I might just go crazy being home for that long with everyone. You get my drift!

Anyways back to my excitement.There is only 88 days til we move. Can you believe that? I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we are leaving D.C. yet. I will miss the area. I am grateful for the opportunity to live and experience this place but I am also thankful for a chance to live in a new and exciting place that includes LOTS of family.

Wanna know something else? I know you do, I do not know why I give you a chance? This is my blog, right. HAHAHA, there is only 94 days until my handsome husband goes from being a measly E-5, Staff Sergeant ,to an incredible 0-1E, 2nd Lieutenant, otherwise known as an LT. I never imagined this day would come. I can not believe we are so close.

He is managing very well in his OTS (Officer Training School). There are things that he is struggling with but that goes without saying. Its boot camp. You can only imagine the screaming, yelling and down right crap they are having to endure. But he is keeping it together. I am proud of him.

(Here he is in his OTS room)

I was telling a friend earlier today that it is so strange (but good) that the more letters and more love that I convey to him the more he calls. I think it is awesome. Separation is tough on a family but can be very tough on a marriage. I have been without him for long periods of time very frequently so I am used to the distance. That does not make it any easier but being able to hear his voice is absolutely the best thing for me. I am so happy after just a 3 minute phone call. Whatever I can get, I'll take. Thanks Babe!

The best thing though was the amazing opportunity to get to SKYPE with my hubby on Saturday. The OTs get a little down time during the weekend so they try to fit in a little time for their family. I was so blessed with him making time to see us and let us see him. We even got a tour of his room via the web. THANKS SKYPE! What a great time to see him. I was a happy wife. The kids were running wild jumping in and out of the call so I do not think they are too affected or fully grasp what is happening, but that is ok, 2 were quite interested. I am hoping as time goes by we will get longer than 20 minutes but then again 20 min is just fine too. So it has been an weird roller coaster of emotions but it is leveling out now and a groove/schedule has been achieved.

I am super excited to get one more day under my belt towards our reunion.

Blessings and come back soon for more from the Haskins House.


Amy said...

You are doing great! I'm impressed with all you go through and the sacrifices you and your family have to make. Thank you.