Monday, November 30, 2009

A wonderful yet sad day

WOW, can you believe it is already December 1st? No me neither. This year has gone by so fast. I am most grateful that it has flown by but a little sad that all the babies are now a year older.

Thanksgiving pretty much wrapped up our November. As fun and exciting as it was I must say it was a little lonely. The hardest part is pushing through and putting on that happy face for these 4 beautiful babes. Was it easy? Heck no. Did I do? Why yes I did. And I am thankful I did.

I am most thankful for my husband and his drive to further his education, follow his dream, and provide for our family. He never lets anything get in his way. I am so proud of him. He is doing well. Managing to keep it together and get through this tough training. He did get the opportunity to go to a Major's house with another OT for Thanksgiving dinner. So he was able to get off the base and out of the training world for a few hours.And watch his much missed football, Go Cowboys! Zeus we love you and can't wait to see you in less than 19 days.

We on the other hand had a blast with neighbors and friends to be thankful for and with. This was an awesome dinner. We had tons of food and boy was it ever good. The kids had a man to wrestle and attack and to get just a little attention from and I had ladies to chat with and keep my mind in the positive.

I prepared the Turkey from beginning to end, even carved it by myself. Can you believe that? I know, I know! You don't but you will be glad to hear I did and it tasted fantastic. You can hold the applause! LOL, I love that yall are here to listen. Thanks.

Rockband got some good miles added to it. We introduced a few new people to this family friendly game as well. Your Welcome Rockband!!

What a day! What wonderful friends! What precious children! What a Happy Mother!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Full of life

Oh yeah, This week we have been full of life. No kidding.

We started out making sure a school project Omega had was complete with all details. It turned out to awesome. Omega, was required to complete a 3-D 12x12 model of a certain memorial or monument here in D.C. The kids were chosen at random for all of the different monuments. Omega was lucky enough to have received one we knew about, National Korean War Memorial.

(Here he is with it)

We then had to prepare for a few field trips. The kids love these and I am most grateful for the teachers taking them and allowing them to experience different cultures and the rich history D.C has to offer. This is one thing WE will greatly miss after our departure. I encourage you to visit or if you live here to take time and get out there and see, learn and experience our past. It truly is interesting and just a little amazing.

I had to work quickly to finish a specific diaper cake for a dear cousin. That ended up taking a huge chunk of my week with shopping, researching, planning and constructing. It turned out beautiful. I will share photos once she has received it. I really like them to be surprises. I know you understand. Ok, so maybe not but you still can't see it yet.
One night a special friend cooked dinner for the kids and I and another single spouse. We had a blast and oh, her German cooking was quite appetizing. She is such a gift to my life. It truly is amazing to see what happens to you when you give up and give it to God. He has blessed me with such amazing women and for that I am most thankful. I hope you are just as blessed.

Another day it was my Momma's 49th birthday. Oh yea, she is getting old. I tried my best to make sure she knew she was thought of and special. Love ya Mom!

I devoted one morning to shopping for a new and spectacular formal gown. Zeus will be graduating in Feb and we will be attending something called a Dining Out, fancy military dinner and awards. I had a gown but was not willing to wear it again. So I did what all the wives are doing and that was to find a new one. And new one I did. It is absolutely breathtaking and well, will definitely stand out. I am keeping it under wraps because I want Zeus to be surprised when he sees me in it. I want some Shock value. Anyways there will be pictures following the event.

Omega had a museum at school showcasing all the memorial projects. That was incredible to see all the hard work or lack thereof the kids had exhausted. Some were incredible, others not so much. It was great to see how proud my little man was and his true pride he took of that project. He did so good.

I also had the pleasure of being visited by some dear friends. One even brought me Starbucks and a Turkey. What a sweet gal! I am glad Zeus befriended her. She has become a very important link and will be a part of our lives for many years to come.

Zulu was invited to a birthday party. But this party was special, not your average 6 year old birthday. He got to ride in a BIG, WHITE Limousine to and from the Laser Tag site. It was really cool to see the excitement the kids conveyed when they got in it. Super happy! Man, he outdid me. I rode in my first one at during my Senior Prom.

I must say it is absolutely incredible to be given the opportunity of hearing my sweet husbands voice. Although it does not happen everyday, I cherish each call. You should know that I am GIDDY with excitement knowing that he will be coming home for a visit in 28 days. Frantically trying to get my body in a NEW shape with these extreme workouts and also wanting to make sure everything is just so when he arrives.

I hope you had a great week. I am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday and working toward getting the laundry finished. Wish me Luck.

For now, Good Night, Good day and a BIG I MISS YOU ZEUS!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

33 Days

Yep, Yep, Yep Only 33 days until I can hug and kiss my honey. Aren't you excited? NO? Ok, but I am. Yes, in the Air Force( I can't speak for the other services) official training takes a break for Christmas. So in the middle of my husbands Officer training I will get to spend 14 days with him without ANY work/AF duties. YEA, can I get a RIGHT ON!!! Ok wait, scratch that. I will get to spend 14 days with ALL 5 members of my family. This will be interesting. We have no plans. Maybe I better plan a girls getaway or something. I might just go crazy being home for that long with everyone. You get my drift!

Anyways back to my excitement.There is only 88 days til we move. Can you believe that? I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we are leaving D.C. yet. I will miss the area. I am grateful for the opportunity to live and experience this place but I am also thankful for a chance to live in a new and exciting place that includes LOTS of family.

Wanna know something else? I know you do, I do not know why I give you a chance? This is my blog, right. HAHAHA, there is only 94 days until my handsome husband goes from being a measly E-5, Staff Sergeant ,to an incredible 0-1E, 2nd Lieutenant, otherwise known as an LT. I never imagined this day would come. I can not believe we are so close.

He is managing very well in his OTS (Officer Training School). There are things that he is struggling with but that goes without saying. Its boot camp. You can only imagine the screaming, yelling and down right crap they are having to endure. But he is keeping it together. I am proud of him.

(Here he is in his OTS room)

I was telling a friend earlier today that it is so strange (but good) that the more letters and more love that I convey to him the more he calls. I think it is awesome. Separation is tough on a family but can be very tough on a marriage. I have been without him for long periods of time very frequently so I am used to the distance. That does not make it any easier but being able to hear his voice is absolutely the best thing for me. I am so happy after just a 3 minute phone call. Whatever I can get, I'll take. Thanks Babe!

The best thing though was the amazing opportunity to get to SKYPE with my hubby on Saturday. The OTs get a little down time during the weekend so they try to fit in a little time for their family. I was so blessed with him making time to see us and let us see him. We even got a tour of his room via the web. THANKS SKYPE! What a great time to see him. I was a happy wife. The kids were running wild jumping in and out of the call so I do not think they are too affected or fully grasp what is happening, but that is ok, 2 were quite interested. I am hoping as time goes by we will get longer than 20 minutes but then again 20 min is just fine too. So it has been an weird roller coaster of emotions but it is leveling out now and a groove/schedule has been achieved.

I am super excited to get one more day under my belt towards our reunion.

Blessings and come back soon for more from the Haskins House.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Radio Silence

If you are an avid follower you know that my dearest Zeus is currently attending Officer Training School in Alabama. We have been waiting for this for a very long time.

He reported in Tuesday afternoon for what is called TD-0. After all he had done he was able to call me that evening from his cell phone. Well it was the fastest, quickest call we have EVER had in our long relationship. Yep it was short. A whole 38 seconds. Long enough for him to tell me he was alive, OK and needed a shower.

Now, this training is 60 training days., or TD's. Doesn't sound too bad until you throw in all the weekends and holidays and that 60 training days just turned into 4 months. WHEW

Now then, I am completely used to Zeus not being here physically. He has traveled pretty much off and on our entire marriage. These last 4 1/2 years he has traveled significantly. But I was able to call and chat or call and remind him of something. He could call me and he would respond to emails within an hour or so. So yes, physically he was gone but mentally and emotionally he and I were still able to connect.

This OTS thing is way different. He can not call often and let me just tell you how hard it was to go 3 days without hearing from my best friend, confidant, and lover. Then add in the fact that their are 4 little people that want to talk to Daddy and it makes for a very emotional couple of days. Oh yea, I have been at my wits end. Nervous, scared and even angry that I had not heard from him. All those emotions had consumed me and I could not seem to kick them. The more I tried to distract myself or push them aside to more they came back stronger and with more force. I however, have a few good friends that allowed me to vent to them. They even stopped by for a hug and a chat. Four BIG GIANT BLESSINGS. Thank you K, C, S and H.

God is so amazing because just when I thought I would not be able to take it anymore and just after I had given up faith my friends stepped in with good faith and love and helped me get in a better place. Then the impossible happened. Oh yes, impossible. My handsome Zeus made that amazing call I had anxiously been longing for since Tuesday. Saturday just before midnight I was able to have a very calming, sweet, informative 20 minute conversation with my #1 supporter. WOW, I was put at ease. My body was completely at peace and after being awake 22 hours on Friday I needed a peaceful rest. His voice was all I needed for complete and pure relaxation.

Then came Sunday morning. Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, get my drift. Yea, well I awoke to the beautiful sound of my phone ringing. And take one guess who it was. Oh MY GOSH, I think I needed to change my panties after that, Zeus was on the phone again. WOW, go to sleep with him and wake up with him, now this is the life of an OTS wife. He called to chat with our little ones. It was so wonderful to see them get so excited to tell Daddy about their awesome soccer games on Saturday and their field trips and school projects. I was so happy to see little smiles on not one of their faces but all four. It was a sight to behold. After lots and lots of tears, fussiness, anger and pure misery exuding from their little bodies I was more than happy to experience a little giddiness, excitement and down right happiness. Zeus was able to give us another 30 minutes and boy did we savor every second of it. God Is GOOD. Do I need to say that again? Ok since you asked, GOD IS GOOD.

I was restored, rejuvenated and well, completely re energized. He said he would try to call when he could and that he was sorry for the "radio silence" but he was given TOO much to do and had to prioritize and you guessed it, I did not make the cut. No hard feelings. I still love him. I understand the extreme circumstances he is under because I did go through Basic Military Training more than 10 years ago myself. It was not OTS but it was boot camp. I remember the ridiculous yelling and stupid repetition of making beds and changing clothes to see how fast you could change from BDU's (Battle Dress uniforms) to PT (Physical training) gear. No it was not fun but I knew I could deal with it for 6 weeks and I did. Now he has to deal with it for 12 weeks.

I understand my job as the wife is to be the support and optimist but sheesh that can be hard. And having babies it is suddenly quadrupled. WOW, I had to vent but I had a good group of women both in person and online to support me and listen and love. Thanks BOT10-03FAMILY

Oh what a journey this shall be. Oh and did I tell you guys just 41 days until he is in my arms again for 2 whole weeks for their mandatory holiday recess. You better believe I will be spending every minute with him before he goes back to the mighty life of a GOLDHAWK.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today is the day that should shake, rattle and roll the bones of all you Americans out there.

I am slightly, ok maybe greatly, irritated with most opinions.

Don't get me wrong, today's attack was horrific. Absolutely terrible, but what I want you to look at is WHY.

Why did this man, an officer in our military feel he had to kill to get out of a deployment? Could it be because we have neglected our military so much that most have to be deployed a year and come home for 6-9 months only to go back for another year and so forth. Come on now. We are doing our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman an injustice. Now is the time to stand up and say hey look, we need MORE military. The burden is far to great. It is not even right to send these guys over there continuously. So not cool.

Now, being a military wife I see it everyday service members coming and going. They see more stinking sand than they do of their children. Is that what we are teaching this next generation?

I am quite agitated with today's true cry for help. Because clearly that is what happened. Nobody listened when he said he could not go again. Nobody cared when he felt he needed family time. Nobody cared if he needed to go to school. NOPE!!! He was viewed as a vessel or craft. Basically told to shut up, pack your bags and get on the plane or go to jail. He chose to die and take the violence out wrongly. Yes, it was a huge mistake, but don't just brush this off. Take heart that we as Americans need to use our voices and say enough is enough. Add more troops, soldiers or get the heck out of dodge!

Being a soldier can feel so helpless because you are told where to go, when to go and then if you complain or whine or create an excuse they see it as if you are selfish. Well take a look now. What if this is the first snowball? Who will throw the next one? Will it be at our base? Will it be in your hometown? Something has got to be done and it needs to happen very quickly.

Do you all believe in preventative maintenance on your car? You know change the oil, check the fluids, rotate the tires? Yes. Is your answer yes? Because if it is then you know that in order to get the full potential out of something you must nurture it and take care of it. This goes with soldiers as well. They need to be taken care of, cleaned up, refueled, polished and rejuvenated. But we are not allowing them the opportunity to do so. Just when they get home and get readjusted they get hit with another (@^$ deployment. Come on USA. Lets use this as our wake up call or Engine light and take our car or troops in for some Preventative maintenance.

What do you say? Are you with me?

Fort Hood, we love you and we are behind you. We are pulling and pushing for help. Blessings and love surround you as you walk through this tragedy with new, clear eyes on your future.

God Bless America and God Bless the defense department

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

alive and "showerin"

Continuing on with our journey of life through a families eyes while Zeus is in Air Force Basic Officer Training.

Yesterday turned out to be a much better day for me and the family. Now, I did not get much accomplished here at the house but I did mange to pull out a pretty smile by bed time.

My children cooperated pretty well. We only had one spill at dinner and it was not a "bad" one.

I got to go shopping at the wonderful Old Navy with a friend and get me some much needed winter wear. I am very happy about that. Nice warm pants and snuggly shirts, woo hoo.

Much to my surprise last night my handsome hubby called me. Oh yes, I was thrilled to hear his voice but that is about the extent of it. He stayed on the line a whole 38 seconds. I know I must be crazy to know exactly how long but thankfully enough, it was all due to latest technology. I was on the cell so I have that documented. He said that he was alive and was told to tell me that. He said he is OK, he loves me and then had to take a "quick" shower. He was one of the few that actually got to shower. And that was it. Nothing less, Nothing more.

Its funny because I am completely rejuvenated today after speaking with him. I was able to sleep very well, even though I had 3 little munchkins in the bed when the alarm went off.

A week or so ago I ordered the kids some books from one of those magazine book fairs. You know, the ones we got so excited about when we were kids. Yea, I am that mom. So, I had asked them what kinds of books they each wanted or might be interested in? Zulu came home yesterday thrilled to tell me the books came in. All 3 big kids were super excited to start reading their new book. Amazingly enough, our TV did not come on last night at all. My munchkins were raging readers. They didn't want to go to bed because they did not want to stop reading. So cool to see them enjoy reading.

Great day, Great night, Good Sleep and now a Great Morning

TD-O complete
only 60 more to go