Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I do it!

This morning with the rainy and COLD weather upon us I am a little cranky. I know you are dying to ask why aren't you. Well, let me just tell you.

I am one of those parents that loves to get involved with my children's lives. So I coach their little league teams.

Well today, I am beginning to question why I do this. Why do I put forth the energy to go out there 3 times a week to run practice and games knowing there will be at least 3 unruly children, 2 that don't know how to listen and one that lives in another world. Why do I try to talk over them causing my voice to come and go throughout the season? Why do I do this ALL by myself? Yep, no assistant coach this year, its me and me alone. I must be insane. Yep, that's it. Pure insanity!!

Why the crankiness, Twinkle?

Tuesday I tried to do something a little different. My Husbands team practices right by our team and we thought it would be fun, different and a unique learning experience to intermix our two teams and have them scrimmage each other. Mind you that my kids are 5-6 and his are 7-9. It is something we have done in the past that has the kids beaming with joy and allows both groups to see what the other group is learning and what level they are on. That being said I have a parent that was livid with me about doing this and thought it had no purpose and was purely dangerous. Really? I don't see you out here with these rambunctious hooligans now do I.
And yes I can call them that in my blog! Deal with it. So I calmly talk to this parent and explain mine and Zeus' thoughts and why we do it. I do not think I satisfied him but at least he left me alone after that. Sheesh. Didn't realize I needed to arm myself with a shield before putting on my coaching whistle.

Then I decide to take practice down to once a week since we typically do this every year/ season once games start. Zeus and I have practice at the same time since that is what is best for our family. We decided to do this together like we have EVERY season in the past. This year we decided to let another team take the big field on Thursday since they have been practicing in the dark. I thought it was a great idea by Zeus myself, but some on my team don't agree. Dang I just can't seem to win. As hard as I try to be creative, try new things and keep the kids interested the parents seem to push back. Ugggg, It really makes me want to throw my hands up and walk away because I am not getting paid a single dime to do this. This purely is VOLUNTEER. I am hanging with it because my child is involved and the season is halfway done. I will continue but honestly just stop with the coach bashing. Appreciate that I try my best, that I show up, and that the kids are actually learning something.

If you are a parent and have a volunteer coach, I would like to share with you a few things you could do to help out your child's team and coach.

Try your best not to get upset with their coaching. Please keep your extreme emotions off the field or court. Please volunteer to be an assistant and/or team parent. Be supportive of all coaching decisions. Ask if you can help. Make sure your child is on time and if you will be late or absent be courteous to let the coach know when your child will be missing out. We count on these kids and can not run a team if we are missing half of it. If you have an issue discuss it AFTER games and practices AWAY from the kids and other parents, it can be damaging and embarrassing to all parties.

Thanks for listening to me vent today bloggy buddies. I am sorry to be so darn negative but geez, I can not hold it forever.
Blessings and enjoy your weekend and family

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parents can be a disruption sometimes in sports events.

way to go - being the step up parent you, zeus and your kids are all the beter for it and you are enriching the lives of so many other kids. They may not show it, but Kid's love the coach, even after the season is over.