Friday, October 16, 2009

Laughing til I cry.............

Hello bloggy buddies!

I just had to share a piece of my Mommy life with you today.
Many of you know that I have been working really hard with Ziggy on the whole potty training. He has done excellent. When he needs to potty he has to announce it to everyone in his loudest voice while using the full size toilet on his own. It is really cute but can be embarrassing if we have company of any kind. He has yet to have an accident while sleeping either during nap time or nighttime. Don't get me wrong we have had a few accidents. They typically are caused by loose stools, or in my kids language Juicy poop. Now, once this happens it can be a HUGE mess to clean up. It is never easy or fun and down right disgusting. I deal with it because I know it will soon be over and I will no longer be able to help my "baby".

Normally when this happens I assist Ziggy to the bathroom and promptly remove the rug. Then we carefully take off the shorts or pants and then I stand him on the seat of the toilet to take off the undies. It is nasty. But any droppings will fall into the toilet and I can clean the seat easily. I usually clean the undies in the toilet bowl while continually flushing the toilet. You get the gist. I know it is weird that I had to explain but stay with me here I have a point.
Well this afternoon after eating lunch I knew Ziggy had a full tummy and had him go potty while I was finishing eating. He did great. I wiped him and sent him on his way. A few minutes later he came back and said he accidentally had an accident and a little poop came out into his underoos. I told him to go to the bathroom and I would be there in just a minute. Just then I hear splashing in the toilet and I immediately thought he had diarrhea. So I ran quick to check on him and this is what I found..................................

I was on the phone at the time and was absolutely dying laughing. OH my, he was trying to, in his words, do it himself. OH MY WORD, Seriously I was laughing and crying all at the same time.

Then he says "Are you laughing at me. Am I funny" "I was just trying to help"
Yes dear Ziggy you were just trying to help. It is just so funny to see a 3 year old trying to clean poop from a pair of underoo's. But I love you
Lesson of the day: Like Mother Like son. Children will do things that they see, even if it is disgusting.