Friday, October 2, 2009

It's game time!!!


Last Saturday was my babies first soccer games of the season. It was perfect weather, cool, sunny and dry. The babies did so good. Mr. Zulu is on my team, Lions, and man Can I just tell you he is a speed demon. It is ridiculous! If he has the ball it will be 5 seconds and he will have it in the goal. It is so fun to watch. The faces he makes when he is determined is awesome. He did fantastic.

Then Zero and Omega played the next hour with Zeus' team, Dragons. This game is a totally different feeling and atmosphere. These kids are big. The field is long. The goal is wide. and My my, a parent's heart rate could easily be measured in the high 100's. Those kids were amazing. And then of course there are mine. Zero, being her shy self, you would think she would be timid and nervous out there. Quite contrary to that, she had her feet on the ball and played her position. She even mothered a few others while doing it, HIGH FIVE baby!!!! I was so proud of her because she stayed with it and she even played Goalie. That was funny because she is arguably in the bottom 3 for shortest kid on the team.

Omega looks like a midget out there with kids almost 2 feet taller than him but yet he continues to run and kick that ball. He came close to kicking a goal a few times but did not have much outside assistance. He too is a speed demon out there. Running and dribbling that ball like he was a pro. These kids make me smile so much. What a great experience for all involved. Maybe tomorrow I can actually sit in the chair and not run back and forth up the sidelines. Sorry parents!!!!

What a proud day as a Soccer Mom.