Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haskins Halloween

Howdy Folks-

So at my house we do celebrate the happiness that Halloween brings. We do not celebrate any evilness, scary or gory things. I personally believe that the skeletons, monsters, zombies, vampires and anything bloody or dead is uncalled for. Just my opinion.

So we as a family pick a theme. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR!!! I have planned themes since little miss what a few months old. This year was a bit more difficult. We had decided to go with Sesame Street but while I was scoring magazines, catalogs, stores and websites I came to the realization that Sesame street costumes are mostly for adults. Who'd of Thunk it? So we had to change after the heartbreaking discussion of "sorry you can't be that". So the research began again trying to come up with a theme with at least 4 characters.

Finally, I had found it. All I had to do was convince the 4 youngsters that this is what "they" wanted to be. All were well except Ziggy who absolutely wanted to be what Omega wanted to be.

So I had to compromise with him and beg plead and bargain before he finally came around. He eventually did and boy I am so glad he did.

Our Theme, Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!

Zero was Minnie

Omega was Mickey

Zulu was Goofy

Ziggy was Donald Duck

Zeus and I typically do not dress up. I might some day but now it is all about the kids and I do not want to distract or take away anything from them. Especially all the ooooo's and aaahhhh's.

That is the idea, Right?

Well, maybe just me. Forgive me. I do make sure they turn heads. I love for them to stand out and make an Impact. I'm the mom and I am proud of my babies and yes, I absolutely want them to make an impression on others and want them to be remembered. This is one of those holidays.

We took them on a parade, then to a terribly organized costume contest and then we went trick or treating.

It was a lot of fun. A friend went with us with their little 2 year old. It was nice. My children had so much excitement and energy. Zeus and I had to run a few times to keep up with the 4 of them. Seriously, they were running from house to house super excited to be the first to the next house to see what they could snag. Hilarious and a little scary! My knee was killing me after the 1 hour of trick or treating. I am not sure how much ground we covered but it was every bit of 2 miles or more.

During the trick or treating excitement Zeus brought a bag to empty buckets. He had to go home 2 times to dump the bag. Yea, lots of candy. We are talking 24lbs of candy. No joke, we weighed it after filling a HUGE box.

Then they had about an hour to pass out candy at our house. Zeus set up their little lawn chairs and I got each of them a bowl to pass out candy. Each trick or treater that came by had to stop by each and every chair. It was so funny and yes they had a good time. They were even yelling down the street at trick or treaters to come here. Super cute!!

I am a happy and pleased Mommy.

Great time, Great memories and AWESOME BLACKMAIL for later.


Angie said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute!!! Love the theme!! :)

My kiddos had fun passing out candy afterwards too. My daughter kept calling them customers.

Amy said...

Very cool! I want to be Goofy too! Halloween can be so much fun.