Monday, September 28, 2009

She's lying, NO WAY!!!

WOW, what a busy life we Haskins live. The past week has been filled with lots and lots of memory making.

First, I am going to have to break this up into a couple separate blogs.

I am hearing from lots of you on todays happenings, so I thought I would start with this one first.

Wanna know what I did today?

Do ya?

Do Ya?

I never thought you'd ask.

Today was a day I knew of several years ago but just kept to myself until it finally happened. You know that whole knock on wood phrase, you look forward to it and then it never happens. Yea, so I did not speak of this often.

My husband has a very interesting job. I will not go into all the detail because of OPSEC, for you non military folk that means Operational Security. He works in a high profile military unit attached to WHMO or White House Military Office. You can google that and find a little info but most is kept very quiet for the safety of our military members.

Being a member of this unit you are allowed many perks along with many negatives. I have written of all the travel Zeus does along the way but I have not touched on these few and extremely impressive perks.

Today was a gorgeous fall day in D.C. and Zeus and Twinkle were invited to meet Mr. Barack Obama in the Oval office as part of the goodbye/Thank you to Zeus' service to WHMO. It was so amazing. We did not get to stay very long as this is not done very often. So we shared with 29 other couples, which was perfectly fine with me. The fact that we walked in the gardens of the White House, strolled through the colonnade into the coveted West Wing of the White House was just unimaginable to me. We went through lots of security, like you would imagine. We saw behind the scenes walkways and partitions. We walked through interesting but not so fancy hallways.

We were spoken to with great respect from all White House employees and treated very well. It was like a dream. To see the inner workings of something kept so secret and quiet yet so important.

I am no stranger to the White House. I have been there my fair share of times. And have appreciated every. single. visit. I love it there. I wish I could go there everyday. It is just a beautiful place. Gorgeous Presidential paintings, White walls, Beautiful carpets, amazing unique chandeliers, candid photos of the First family, fancy furniture, lots of security, tons of suits, everyone moving at a fast pace, beautiful fresh trees and mums, huge open windows and long hallways of history. The gardens are just so green and blooming with seasonal flowers. I can not even begin to express the sense of beauty of this magical place. As you walk past the room of Native American paintings you begin to get chills knowing where this country started and where we are today. The 8x10 or larger digital picture frames flashing memorable Obama moments and candid ones bring you back down to earth. The bronze statues gleam with beauty. Then you walk into the famous Oval Office. The wood floor is super, slippery and extremely shiny. The Historical rug that lays over that floor is so dull and muted to the rest of the room. And then there was the DESK. It was absolutely gorgeous. I kept the burning desire to touch it under wraps. The room was not as big as I had expected but absolutely as gorgeous as everyone who has described it. I couldn't look it long enough. I could've stood in there examining every detail for hours. We were introduced by the Military Aide to the President. He stood there in front of his desk with his arm outstretched to me and my Zeus. We shook hands and he thanked us for our service. I stood beside him, touching him no less, with Zeus on the other side of me for a brief photo op and a few short words and much appreciation from him to us and we would be on our way. No we were not in there very long but we WERE in there and he knew our names and talked to us and made time for us. That was the most special thing of all.

He is so tall, so thin and so wonderfully cordial to all of us. We were not allowed to take anything other than our IDs with us so I have no photos of my own YET. The White House had an official photographer and will print us a few pictures and one will be signed by Mr President himself, we should have them in about 6 weeks. And yes, I will share them with you all when they arrive.

What a great day. What a once in a lifetime moment. How special I felt to be treated to such fanfare. I am so grateful to have had a handsome man by side to enjoy it with and share my life with. This will go down in history as one of my favorite moments in life. If you ever are given the opportunity to meet a sitting President whether it is in the White House or at a speaking event, I encourage you to do so. This will be my second Presidential meeting after having met George. W. Bush a little over 1 year ago with my dear Best friend, Hilda.

I am thankful for the President taking time out of his day to meet with us military spouses and members. It does give us the will and desire to continue on our military journey knowing we are appreciated just a little. The days will come and go but this memory will stay close to my heart.

I hope in the future that I will have the opportunity to introduce my own children to the President so until then I leave you with these vivid memories.

I hope you enjoyed today, September 28, 2009 because I sure did meeting the most powerful man in America.


Angie said...

WOW!!!!! I'm speechless. :)

Toby E. said...

So so glad to hear they did a wonderful job thanking and honoring those who protect our freedom and those that help to keep us free and honoring the ones who keep things going to allow others to protect us (the wives and husbands of our military). Sounds like a wonderful and a never to be forgoten experience.