Monday, September 21, 2009

Its that time again.

Yes, Yes, and Yes. September is one lovely little month. So many fun things happen. One of those things we love the most is the good ole' soccer season.

My family is all soccer. What I mean by that is everyone of us gets completely involved in the sport. This year, like last year we have 3 soccer players on 2 different teams. Last year Omega and Zulu played together leaving Zero to play by herself. I coached the little boys and Zeus coached the Princess.

This year Zero and Omega are on the same team and Mister Zulu is on his own team.

Once again Zeus and I jumped at the opportunity to coach our sweet children. Our view is this, if we are going to take them to practice and sit there the whole time we might as well be on the field with them. So here we are once again me coaching Zulu and Zeus coaching Omega and Zero.

Coaching is something all competitive parents should do at least once. I believe coaching is where you can really teach kids something in life, no only the sport but imperative social skills they may not get anywhere else. I am honored and deeply humbled to step on that field, court or gym with those kids. To see them start that very first day of practice having never seen or really touched a soccer ball and then fast forward to that last game where they actually understand the difference between offense and defense and can run an actual play is so amazing. Thank goodness I do not cry easily or I would cry alot. Zeus and I are both very competitive people in all aspects of life. We want the best for our family. We want to do everything we can. Each of us loves sports, all sports. He chooses to love basketball the most and I choose to love Volleyball the most but in the end we will play just about anything. This being said we feel it is important to get involved in our kids social lives. So here we are coaching yet another season of soccer. The love of a parent will move mountains.

After Photos on Saturday I was pulled aside by our Youth Center Sports Director. Zeus and I have a very good relationship with this man, which I will call R. R bends over backwards for this base and all the kids on it and we are very thankful to him. Anyways, R says he wants to inform me of something. A little nervous at this point I step back and listen. He says Coach Haskins, I just wanted to let you know that you were nominated for National Youth Sports Coach of the Year.


WOW was my first thought. Then he said but you did not win. Well, geez just being nominated means so much. Who cares about winning. Ok so it would be really cool to win but in all seriousness I was extremely honored by this nomination, A National nomination at that. Simply because I do not do what I do for any awards, I do it for the kids. That's what all this is about, sending a positive, fun and controlled message to these kids. Teaching them that you can come together as a team no matter what color, shape, size or background you are. This will follow them throughout their life. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity and I hope that along the way I can continue to coach my children and many other children through sports.

So if you don't hear from me much you can just say to yourself she is on the soccer field. We spend 2 nights a week and most Saturday morning out there with these kids. What a blessing this is and oh how blessed we are to have someone like R to set this up and keep it going. Blessings to all and happy Soccer season.


Amy said...

Very cool. Great job Coach!