Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Closing and Opening of doors

Over at MckMama's blog she recently posted a blog on Doors and Windows. I was struck by this because my family too has been experiencing a little of the sort. As we walk through the year of 2009 we have been blessed by God and amazed by his hand in our lives. I know I question his decision or choice of path for us but I ultimately trust him. I have placed our lives in his hands to care for us when we really are not aware of his plans.

We too have had openings and closings that none of us could begin to imagine. The biggest Opening is Zeus' acceptance into the highly sought after Air Force OTS program. This however brings us to a closing in which we leave the comfort of our home here in D.C. and head 3000 miles to a new home. Scary, absolutely!! It allows us to open a new window of family time which we have not experienced since the birth of our family. The window is wide open and we accept it with open hearts. Throughout this journey we understand that comes with it more and more openings and closings.

One of the toughest things I have experienced is the loss/Closing of a dear friendship. This was a door slammed shut right in my face. I never imagined nor dreamed anything could pierce this relationship but God ultimately had other plans for me. True sadness has enveloped me for months now but I keep my head up as a few other relationships have been allowed to blossom as the last withered away. I am extremely pleased and humbled by the timing of the loss and gain of these relationships. I too am scared at what comes next but trust his judgement for me and my family. We can not ever enjoy the happiness or even appreciate the Great things without suffering true sadness. This is God's way of making us grateful. And I am so grateful to him.

Earlier this year, actually New Year's day my family also started a very new chapter in our lives as well. If you have followed for awhile you remember my story of shock/despair last September. You can read it here. I was given a huge gift of MORE parents and family. That includes more grandparents, parents, aunts and even 2 more little brothers. January came and brought our first family meeting. It was awesome and truly amazing. I was so scared and anxious for the whole ordeal but what a blessing it has brought to us and me. The door opening did not bring any closings until May/June when a dear family member made a very hurtful decision that still haunts me today. I accept and trust God that he will resolve it in his time.

So as we endure the many openings and closings that are happening in our lives we hope that as the season changes it brings pure Joy to all of you and brings hope to your openings and closings as well. What is closing with you? Is anything opening?


Amy said...

Good luck as you go through that new door!

Charisse said...

Hey there. Loss of friendships hurt. I think you are doing an excellent job and that this will be their loss. You are totally awesome and I have enjoyed our recent conversations and all of your uplifting words. :-)

My closings??? Mine and Rob's current live-in status has gone backwards to an exclusively dating status. And with that closing has opened a door for Lorelli to spend more time with BOTH her parents.

Cozyquilter.mom said...

I'm so thankful that you allowed doors to open. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.