Monday, September 14, 2009

Bye Bye lazy days

WOW, can you believe this is our final week of Summer. It seems like yesterday that Spring finally arrived. I am extremely sad because this is our final Summer here in D.C and the east Coast. It is bittersweet for our family. We are ready to move on and leave this place and all negativity and bring on the positive new life that will include much more family. The ending of summer is significant with one special day, Labor Day. Parties, cookouts, boating and lots of people having fun.

So what did you do on Labor Day? Our Labor Day was very cloudy and we were missing one member of our family. Zeus, who had to be on a business trip. Being military has its perks and Labor Day is one of them. Not only do most members get the day off we also get to attend fun parties. This year it was just the kids and me and it was a little on the chilly side. We still know how to party.

We had a cookout with American hotdogs and hamburgers. What a lunch huh?

Then we swam in the pool. Well, the babies swam in the pool while I played Mommyguard or pretended to so I did not have to get into that COLD water. Nevertheless these munchkins loved every inch of that pool.

They jumped in the bounce house and enjoyed wonderful hangout time with their friends.

We also entered many tickets into a drawing in hopes of winning just one of many prizes. Didn't have much luck there but still enjoyed it.

What a great day! What a great way to end our precious lazy days of summer and what better send off for us to the WEST coast. Bring on the Fall!!!