Saturday, August 29, 2009

What I have learned from 4 kids

I was sitting here thinking last night how in the world I manage to stay somewhat sane. No, I am serious Yall. I have expectations and it seems my 5 roommates don't agree. So here are a few things I have recently learned about having and loving 4 kids and a husband.

You will find random shoes in the oddest places, even when all the shoes are "put away".

When you clean the bathroom take a picture because the next time you walk in it will all have to be done again. Especially with 3 little boys.

When you tell the children to put their folded clothes away, you need to be specific so they don't end up on the closet floor with the door shut.

Don't leave a job for the hubby to do because 1, he will not notice it and 2, won't do it

Your idea of a clean house is seriously something out of a story book and will not be your house.

The children love to be loved but there is only so much love a Mom can give in one day, sometimes today is just not your day.

Birthday, Anniversary and Mother's Day expectations are useless you will only be disappointed by all the forgetfulness of the roomies.

You will never please all of them, no matter what meal you cook someone is not going to like part of it and will pout and sulk til you acknowledge them.

Going places turns into packing up the kitchen sink, can't go anywhere without an American girl doll, legos, cars, trucks and the durn GPS

Shopping is more of a race or wrestling match than a simple shopping trip.

I surrender to the fact that I will never be able to smile enough.

Parenting is fun but mostly it is adventurous, you never know what is coming next tears or poop

T.Vs really aren't needed, the children will entertain you more than you could ever dream of

These are just a few things I have learned from being a Roommate to 5, or wife and Mother.
I wish you the best when you have been blessed to join my club because this is not for the queasy and definitely not for the softy. God Bless Motherhood


Amy said...

Too true. With 4 and a husband, you are amazing.