Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Over at MckMama's blog she has this totally cool weekly blog about the embarrassing things we do and announcing that to you bloggie buddies on Mondays. Here's my rendition of her NMM.

I did not work out with my husband last night only to wake up hurting in my butt, my breast, my arms and my stomach I am really in shape I promise

I did not agree to go on a 3 mile bike ride with said husband yesterday at 3pm pulling 100 pounds worth of children and cargo, only to start sweating 5 minutes later

I totally did not jump up and scream loud when my little Zulu got HIS blue arm band at the base pool

I definitely did not sleep without a blanket last night since our puppy puked on it and I did not wash it in time, definitely not

Oh, I did not enjoy breakfast in bed 2 Weekends in a row, Mom's aren't that special

I did not wait until my 5 year old pointed out the hole in my front headlight to realize there might be a problem, I really do pay closer attention

I so did not weedeat the back yard yesterday with Flip flops on

and then did not get a huge gash in my foot from flying debris from that weedeater.

Oh the things we will confess for this wonder project of not Me Monday. I do not do this often but thought what the heck I'll try it. Happy Monday Yall!!!


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