Sunday, August 2, 2009

Losing a bet Haskins style

One night last week while we were sitting down for dinner the kids did not want to eat their colored bell peppers I had cooked with our Chicken Kabobs. I was quite annoyed with them but was glad they were eating. I told them that they were not HOT peppers but added great taste and were very yummy. We were planning on having watermelon for dessert as well. Daddy can not stand watermelon. So kids decided to make a bet with Dad. They said they would each one eat all their colored bell peppers if Daddy ate a piece of watermelon. Daddy nodded yes, while pre-occupied with the computer thinking there was no way those kids, much less all 4 of them would eat their peppers. I did not think it would happen especially my 2 little boys but these are always the times when they surprise you. Sure enough every one of them ate those peppers and was insistent on Dad holding up his end of the bargain. He was not in the least bit happy, but held up his end of the Bet. They made sure he ate every last bit of the piece of watermelon.
I love it. So glad they made him follow through. I think if they had a whip he would have eaten faster. These are the special times. Lesson learned do not bet your kids to eat something and think they will not do it.


Amy said...

The REAL question is - did any of them like the bell peppers?

Charisse said...

How do you not like watermelon? It is one of God's great gifts to man? I am so confused. Toby doesn't like watermelon, either.

I am so lucky that, thus far, there is only one food that Lorelli says she doesn't care for. And that is black olives. She is SOOOO not a fan of them in her salads.

Toby E. said...

YAY FOR RYAN! THAT'S ROUGH! We should start a watermelon dislike club! There seems to be sooo few of us!
But yay kids too! I'm not a fan of bell peppers either. ;)