Thursday, August 13, 2009

A friend of many seasons

She started with me at 11

She stood there through all the teasing

She smiled

She laughed, and laughed and laughed

She loved me dearly

She took my suggestions

She gave me support

She laughed

She assisted with crafts

She attended holiday functions

She loved her family

She loved my family

She suffered a divorce

She laughed

She experienced pregnancy

She held my babies

She kissed my babies

She buried her babies

She laughed

She swam with me

She tubed with me

She watched me ski

She joined me in guard

She sang

She danced

She always looked pretty

She worked

She laughed

She liked my husband

She was my Maid of Honor

She shopped with me

She went on dates with me

She went to concerts with me

She laughed

She smiled when I smiled

She teased me to make me smile

She ran her rear off to keep up with me in sports

She sang to me

I sang to her

She gets pissed at me

She yells at me

She hugs me

She cares for me

She drinks

She parties

She laughs

She has drama

She loves life

She believes in the Lord

She has gone through lifes hurricanes

She has almost died more than once

She calls for support

She cries many tears

She laughs so hard

You see in all my life there has been but one person who stood by me from the day we met. She never stopped loving me. She NEVER judged me. She was there, whenever and however I needed her. She gave me advice as I reciprocated. I thought I had found someone else to join her ranks but was surprised to see no one has been able to match the care and love that's in her heart for me. She is my gorgeous, honest and loving BEST FRIEND. Nothing but the Lord will ever separate us. No amount of miles, no amount of kids, no amount of stress, no amount of heartache. We are there til the end.

Thank you my Dear Beautiful and Supportive friend


Charisse said...

I remember her being such a wonderful person. I did not know that you guys have known each other that long. That person in my life is most definitely Toby.

Anonymous said...

Love Amanda!!! And she has always been a great person to all and a great friend to you!! You are lucky to have a great friend like that!!