Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Year has gone by.....

Well its official, our beautiful Zero is now 9 years old. It seems like last week that she was just learning to walk much less walk into a 4th grade classroom. YIKES!!!!Zero has grown so much inside and out. She loves to Mother. She takes after me I think. That may not be a good thing but it will sure make her a tough and strong woman some day. She is so very much like her mother, me, when it comes to independence. She loves to draw and writes endless stories. I am serious, the girl can fill a journal with stories and songs in about a week. Every dollar store visit I pick up at least 5 for her so she can continue what she loves. She dabbles in Piano, which we are going to focus more on once we are at our new home in March. Zero really does enjoy cheerleading. She has a gorgeous skin complexion and see through you blue eyes. I tell you what, Zeus is really gonna have to keep an eye on her because the boys will be all over her, awww in about a year or so. What fun that is going to be? Zero is so tender hearted and soft spoken. She loves to be a helper and loves her one on one attention with adults. Her imagination is exceptional and sets her apart from our other children. Zero loves to help in the kitchen, again she takes after me. I loved to be in the kitchen with my Nana as a child. Zero is also extremely sensitive.

I guess we will enjoy one more year of our baby girl. I am sad to see her grow up and become a self sufficient, think for yourself person. I am proud that she is choosing to make the right decisions when in a sticky situation. I thank God that he allowed me to raise a little girl. I have had the most fun shopping for little dresses and cute shoes for my darling little lady. Thank you Lord Jesus for trusting me with this beautiful child. I hope I raise her up to his approval and raise her to trust him and follow him.

So today I want to write some of my hopes and dreams for her. I hope that she will be able to do what I was not and attend college and follow through all the way to graduation. I hope she will follow her dreams of teaching and understand the importance a teacher can be to one person. I have teachers that I will never forget and that I wish I could thank for many reasons. I dream that Zero will grow into a young woman with strong self confidence and great self-esteem. I hope that she will fall in love and get married to a honest, loving, caring, handsome young man and that he will do everything in his power to care for her and their family. I hope Zero will continue to love Zeus and I and stay close. I want to be that one that takes her shopping for that beautiful Prom gown and that white wedding dress. I wish nothing but beautiful flowers and butterflies for my child.

God Bless you sweet girl, Happy Birthday on this Glorious August Day. I will never forget the very moment that you came into this world and made 2 people more happy than we have ever been. I never loved someone quite so much. Birthdays are special and I hope today treats you just as you had hoped. Happy 9th Birthday baby

I love you Zero!!!


Toby E. said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady!

Charisse said...

Happy birthday young lady. You are right. She is beautiful. And from the stories you tell, she is a delight to have around.