Friday, July 24, 2009

Working at the car wash

Are you singing yet?

I am, and tapping my foot and bobbing my head. Quite an upbeat song I would say.

But I digress. After getting on the road on Tuesday morning leaving Fort Worth, TX headed for Nashville, TN the skies got really really dark and stayed dark. I thought oh boy, we are going to have to drive through the rain, this is going to be interesting. I got about 18 miles down the road and the beautiful rain started. I say beautiful because Texas is as dry as the desert right now. And to them, TEXANS, this was a beautiful thing, but to me it was all negative. I don't panic and figure, oh its just a storm and it will pass. 100 miles later I am starting to think a little more, hmmm this sure is A LOT of rain. Rain is not bad to drive in usually, that is if you are not attempting to drive 700 miles all in one day. By this time, I have threatened the kids in the back to not talk to me or argue with each other. I needed total silence to concentrate on this interesting part of the drive. Then I start to pass a 18-wheeler and I am freaking out literally because the windshield wipers are on full blast and I still can not see the hood even. I stick by the yellow line because I could make that out since the road and the sky were exactly the same color by this point and the truck is spraying more damn water than a stinking car wash. I hear a little voice in the back seat say, "Mom, this is the coolest car wash ever." I giggled and held on to the wheel for dear life praying hard that God will protect us and guide us safely through this rain.
Truck after truck, more water, more car washes and mommy is still wondering what happened to the 3 weeks of sun. I look down at the mileage and we are at 350 miles of pure rain. Not light rain, not mist, I'm talking torrential down pour like a full blown Hurricane. This is a nightmare. Hubby calls to check in a little later and I tell him to check the weather radar. He so graciously checks it and tells me it will not clear all the way through Arkansas and the first city that is clear is Memphis. Are you freaking kidding me? I am thinking we are going to stop and that is when he tells me the storm is chasing us. OMG, seriously I can not continue or my arms are going to fall off and my eyes will start bleeding. Finally at 526 miles the rain stops. The clouds clear and God and all his Glory allowed the sun to shine. I have never been more excited to see a dry road in all my life. OH man, my biceps will never forget that 525 miles. I am pretty sure my arms are bigger today after that mind blowing drive. The kids were a little scared but totally thought it was cool to get to go through that many car washes in one day. WOW, aren't they lucky.
Praise the Lord we made it to the hotel and Nashville was clear for the rest of the evening.
So Tuesday was my first day of working at the car wash and I never want to do back.


Our Naquin Family said...

You go GIRL! Glad you made it home safe!