Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet reminders

Today I got to have a wonderful visit with my BIG little brother and his pregnant wife. It was awesome. Having moved away from home while J was still in high school I missed much of his adult years and all of his dating days. Talking with them about baby names and baby gear and telling stories from my pros and cons of Pregnancy brought back a hilarious story I posted about 8 months ago. MOst embarrassing moment. I thought I would give you the opportunity to read it again or if you are fairly new to my blog and need a good laugh just hop on over. Click here

I have several people(more than 5) in my life around my either pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. I seriously am jealous but not for the outcome. Zeus and I both agreed upon 4 and are so lucky to have gone 4 for 4. Zeus was a sweet hubby and had surgery to keep us from having any more. I am greatful to him and proud of him for making this huge family decision. I truly loved being pregnant. I had so much energy. I had a reason to nap. I loved the looks and I really loved the random belly rubs. It was fun to sit in a room with other women and hear all the birth stories, they really are like war stories military men tell, just a female version. That was nifty. Pregnancy is so truly awesome. It is one of those times when you know God is Great. To create that little being inside your belly whew, WOW.

I do not want any more children but I have a desire to get pregnant one more time as a surrogate for someone less fortunate and after the birth continue to pump my breast milk and use it for milk banks and NICU babies. Sound weird. Well you see those are a few things that I do very well, carry babies and create milk. We all have talents so why not use it. I would love to be able to help a preemie baby and love to help that couple who is desperate to have their own child. I know I am totally gonna get flack from this so please be kind when you do voice your opinion. But it really is how I truly feel deep in my soul. I enjoy helping people. I love babies. I love being pregnant and I really did enjoy nursing. Why not kill several birds with one stone? It would be a great calling to duty for many persons. I do not want anymore biological children either so egg donation is OUT. I think it will be a little while before I attempt to do this and I am really going to have to find the right people to do this for before I commit but I am pretty sure this is what I want to do. Now, Zeus probably does not know all this and I am sure his mouth is wide open while reading this, Sorry Honey, but after serious thought I am going to start my research as soon as I arrive back in D.C. I believe children are a blessing and I also believe that having a biological connection is amazing. Trust me, I am an adopted child and completely understand that biological connection between a parent and child. It is weird but it is so amazing and if I can help 2 people feel that way than I will have accomplished something great. What are your thoughts, be honest just be kind? I would love to hear from all of you on what you think about reproduction and birth control.

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Toby E. said...

tagged you! see my blog

Artsy Aut said...

I think its a great thing to do for someone else. Having kids is the greatest blessing and if you can help someone else do that it would be amazing! But as someone who was recently pregnant/given birth I would say make sure your family and husband are 100% on board becuase being pregnant and recovering from giving birth is hard on everyone, even if you have easy pregnancies.