Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Much ado about a Lawnmower

We are visiting my extended family in Texas for the time being. So down here we have things that are pretty RARE in D.C. Like Full size pick-ups, 5 acres of land or Riding lawnmowers.

Grammy and Grampy needed to mow the lawn so off they went while the kids and I were finishing up some laundry. Well Grammy and Grampy are known for letting the kids get away with stuff not normally allowed. I guess that is what good grandparents do, right.

Check this out, what is lawnmower fun without a few kids and more than one race car mower.

How about when the lawnmowers are finished working and are used to play. Please do not try this at home, it really is quite dangerous.

The joys of visiting grandparents that these babies will add to their little memory banks. I love seeing all the smiles and laughs, thats what makes all of it worth the worrying.

Looko forward to seeing you again until then have a fantastic day


Amy said...

Looks like everybody is having a blast!

Charisse said...

At least everyone is having fun and they were safe and no one got hurt!!! :-)

We have a friend that lives near DC and works in DC - he is a "diplomat" whatever that means. BUT we are planning a visit out there sometime this fall, perhaps. I would love to be able to hook up and spend an afternoon together. Nothing is set in stone, of course, but it IS an idea.