Monday, July 13, 2009

Motorcycles & Munchkins

I have 2 parents that are total Motorcycle maniacs. Seriously, they have rooms in their house strictly dedicated to Harley Davidsons. Oh yeah, they just might even be in a motorcycle club too. Each one has their very own Harley. Don't get me wrong these "bikes" are gorgeous. Man, I would not want to drive the thing, I would just want to look at it. But they do and that leads me to my next segment. More adventures for the kids. They have been asking since we walked through the garage that very first day, "Mom can we ride the motorcycles." My instant reaction is Heck no, but do you think they let up. Oh no, every.single. day. "Mom can we ride the motorcycle today. Why not?" "when" Enough already. Fine ride the darn thing.

Grammy and Grampy just so happen to have a childs helmet. So there goes that excuse too. Looks like the nervous mom is gonna get a whole lot more nervous. Yesterday was the BIG day. Yep, all 4 munchkins got their own opportunity to ride Grampy's Harley. Grammy has not passed the "riding with a child" test yet so she just rode alongside Grampy and the babies.

They loved every minute of it. Omega and Zulu both got to ride 2 times. Mommy was not thrilled in the least bit, I just bit my tongue, threatened Grampy and let them go Praying hard the entire time that my babies did not have an accident.

Well, everyone made it out safe with not even a single scratch. I will call that a successful Mission. Thank you Lord Jesus for keeping my babies safe just one more day.

Hope everyone is doing well, we are a little on the toasty side. The temps are soaring in the 104-108 range since we got here. Talk about fry an egg on the cement, shoot.

Come back and check out more adventures from the Haskins House.


Amy said...

Wow... good for you... that's gotta be hard. I'm sure you trust your dad... and that helps things.

Artsy Aut said...

Looks like some good memories are being made! I love the look of the blog too! Very cute!!

Charisse said...

At least you were there for the event. That is awesome. It always makes me wish that motorcycles had seat belts. Or would it be wrong to just bungee them to the back of the seat? I mean, I would never think of doing something like that...but I am just saying....

Lorelli rode a motorcycle with one of her uncles while in Mexico with her daddy. He didn't even tell me about it. I just saw the evidence in the photos.