Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is he gonna touch me?

Today was that glorious day we mother's look so forward to every. single. year. Not really, but who cares. Today was the lovely Annual family physical. Yes, this is where I stupidly take all 4 kids to have their school/sports physicals accomplished all at the same time. I know you think I am crazy to do this all at the same time but listen, it is so much easier taking one trip and staying there 2 hours versus 4 separate trips of more than an hour each. Isn't there a phrase, work smarter not harder. Yea, that's me. We actually split the apps.s into 2 separate groups, the oldest and the youngest, which now after the fact I would have put the middle 2 together and the oldest and youngest together, but hey this is how it worked out so I went with it.

First visit was awesome. All the kids behaved quietly and let me answer the 500 jillion questions that certify me insane, or a mother however you want to view it. Then it was eye exam time. First child, can't see, literally, this one kinda gave me a clue this past school year that we might have an eye issue but until today I was unaware of it completely. Yeah, we will have a follow-up with an optometrist and will probably need reading glasses. Second child, boy was he hysterical. Nurse: now read the letters to me. Child: in the loudest most enunciated, commanding voice: D T E O P C....... I was dying laughing inside trying desperately to keep quiet while he continued to pound out those letters one by one carefully not to miss any and not to let anyone forget he was in the hall. He did great!!! Zero has been complaining of a yucky belly. She has a belly ache when she eats and after for about 20 minutes. The Dr. figured out her issue and now has her taking some medication for inflammation. Omega is having to have some preventative medication for his asthma.

These 2 did fabulous with the Dr.

Then it was time for the next 2 to take their turn. They were running around jumping on the scales, punching each other, making animal sounds and generally out of control. I was slightly embarrassed as well as irritated with them for not listening to me. It didn't help with the Dr. poking and prodding them and making them giggle like teenagers. We managed to get through it and had to discuss the good touch/bad touch rules again. WOW, I just love parenting, did I tell you that already? Zulu has some pretty nasty plantar warts on his foot that have multiplied recently so we had to have a nice freezing session with that foot, which he tolerated for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to scream and kick and flail like we were killing him. That was not fun. We managed to get the job done. I finished with the bazillion questions and headed for the pharmacy and immunizations clinic. Before we ever got there all the kids were asking if they were going to have to get a shot. I quietly explained I had no control over who gets a shot. I had to explain why one was gonna get a shot and the others were not. You know the whole age thing. Those always turn out to be very interesting conversations. That is another one of those parenting things that comes up and you were never told or warned about. Where was the handbook for this? So after shots, fondling, freezing, and the good ole questionnaire we are good for another year.
Praise the Lord for another healthy day in the Haskins House.


Charisse said...

I love that you said fondling. That's great.

Lorelli's doctor, even for a 3 year old, always talks about not letting ppl look at her privates unless its mommy or mommy says the doctor can do it.