Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friends Forever

Just 3 short years ago this summer a strange man and woman and their kids and Mother walk up to my front door asking questions about the "trash" that was left on my curb. We live in a neighborhood that just puts stuff on the curb, even usable stuff. This night we did the same after cleaning out the garage. The strange man and woman wanted to take something and asked us first, how nice. It was a wonderful way to meet the new neighbors too. From that point on we became instant friends. Well these friends moved away last summer because the Gov't said it was time to move, gotta love this military life. We stayed in close contact making calls and emailing several times a week. This friend knows me well and is very honest with me and is very dear to my heart. This friend has been right there beside me through it ALL. So after deciding to go to Texas I thought it would be great to stop and see my friend who also just happens to have a daughter that was my daughters best friend. Lovely how that works out. They live in Florida for the moment and I figured it would be wonderful to see them. I miss our chats and her amazing Mexican food, she is an awesome cook. So off we went, a little out of our way but so worth the drive. How I wish I would have scheduled more time with them!!

Between the 2 of us we have 7 kids with another on the way. We had loads of fun.

I love how best friends can not see each other for 11 months and pick up right where they left off. Our sweet daughters having a blast together.

My beautiful Friend and her absolutely adorable baby girl, hubby would not mind having another one if we could get a little girl this precious.

My babies and I living it up at the beach

They built unique sand castles and poured endless buckets of water trying to create a moat that never had water.

WE ate a picnic lunch in the sand by the water

Some boogie boarding also occurred
What did I get? Four happy and very brown babies.
What a trip!! Thank you dear friend and to your wonderful generosity of taking us in for a few nights. We had a blast and I can not wait to see when the next time and new place we get to meet. Even though we live 970 miles apart for now, friends we will be until the end.


Toby E. said...

YAY for FOREVER friends!!!