Friday, July 17, 2009

a couple of honest taggers

I was tagged by Toby and Charisse to do this Honest Scrap here in my blog. So here goes nothing. Thanks Ladies.....

The Rules:

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1. I am the worst person when it comes to stubbing my toes. Seriously, if I do not have socks or shoes on of some kind I WILL stub my toes within an hour or so. Yes, Hubby just laughs now cause it is that common.

2. When it comes to potty training our children I am terrible, Praise the Lord for a patient and steadfast husband. He gets all the credit for potty trained children, I take none. Although I am really working with Ziggy, #4.

3. I am very stubborn in my ways and to my opinion on things and I RUN our house. I like things to be done the minute I ask them to be done not whenever or 5 minutes from now. I get very agitated if there is any lollygagging going on. I do not like people sitting around while I am cleaning either. You will have a job and then when that one is done there will be another.

4. I do not keep my car very clean. I like to have lots of emergency, just in case items lying around and that is usually in the floorboard. You know, clothes for everyone, directions, maps, extra pens(10), a whole package of maxi pads, empty water bottles, napkins, trash bags and the list goes on. Imagine what you could make or create with lots of random things, think Apollo 13 or Armageddon.

5. I get overwhelmed very easily and refuse to share the load because I want things done my way and can not be happy when someone helps me and it is done halfa$$. And trying to explain it my way is just wasting time. I just have to redo it.

6. I absolutely despise cleaning bathrooms. I have to clean them weekly and one bathroom(the kids) gets done 3 times a week because well my little boys have tendency to yuck it up. Husband probably has not cleaned a bathroom in a good year or more.

7. I am very much a "what's mine is mine" kind of girl. I protect my children, my family, my friends and my property like a dog. You start attacking or threaten and my teeth and claws come out. You will not walk away unscathed. It is something I take very seriously. I can not sit idly by and watch someone I love get hurt.

8. I do not lie to my children. I am honest even when the HARD questions come up. Hiding things from them is not done unless it is a special surprise for them like Christmas and birthday presents. I want to be the one they learn the birds and the bees from, I want to be the one that they come to when they are heart broken, I want them to ask my opinion on a decision or I want to help them make a choice, not a random neighbor or teacher or coach. I want them to trust me and know that Zeus and I are there for them through and through.

9. I love to follow other peoples lives finding new ways to do things with my family and learning how people do things. It is fun to try new things and look at life through different people's eyes. I learn a lot of "what not to do or what not to wear" too.

10. I believe whole-heartedly that the most important thing in life is your family. Nothing, I mean nothing will get you through life without your family. We all need help from the beginning and we will all need help in the end. Cherish your family, even extended relatives. Keep them close and stay in touch and always support them.

My ten winners, Tag you're it!!


Toby E. said...

good stuff! and I'm very simularin a lot of your area's too!