Friday, July 10, 2009

Ahh, the life with Grandparents

So we are still in Texas, can you believe that? Yeah, we are having an extended long vacation here in the 100 degree heat. Yeah, just about every single day we have been here it has been well over 100 degrees. Now that's hot folks. My kids have 6, yes six sets of grandparents here in Texas this is not including any in-laws. Why so many, well that is another story but nevertheless their are tons of them to see. So we have been busy trying to equally split up our time, which is not easy at all. The kids are having a blast and are getting to do things we definitely do not do in D.C. or may not have in D.C. It is so fun to watch all the little smiles. I am beginning to let them go without me too. I never realized how hard that would be. Since in D.C. these 4 beings are my everything and I never leave them with a friend or neighbor for more than a couple hours. I actually let them go for more than 24 hours. Yeah, not so easy. I actually was a little lost to tell you the truth. Really, what do you do with 24 hours and no kids. I mean, I know what I would do if I was home and had hubby there with me but here there is no hubby and no home. But I managed to get through it with a few laughs. But oh, how I miss them. That is what we military families have a hard time doing, sharing. Here are a few moments that my babies have been experiencing with their Grammy's and Grampys, Mawmaws and Pawpaw's, Meemaws and Peepaw's, Nana's and Papa's, and Granny's and Grandpa's. Forgive me a few moments are pictureless but they are no less memorable to me and my babies.
Zenga playing with Nana ( guess I better take more pictures of her and the babies)
Sorry sliders with Meemaw and Grandpa ( I second that)
Tubing with Grammy
Boating with Grampy
Scrabble with Pawpaw
Zoo visit with Mawmaw
Roasting with Granny
Wow, I have some serious scrap booking to do when we get back. Dang and to think we still have another week to go. Woah, hold on to your hat cause the fun keeps coming.


Our Naquin Family said...

So glad that ya'll are having so much fun! Not sure if I miss the 100 degree weather are not~~~I thought 86 was hot yesterday! HA!

Charisse said...

I am so glad that I no longer live in DFW. 100+ degrees is way too much for me. I can't stand the 90s. Its too hot. But so glad you are having tons of fun back home.