Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is he gonna touch me?

Today was that glorious day we mother's look so forward to every. single. year. Not really, but who cares. Today was the lovely Annual family physical. Yes, this is where I stupidly take all 4 kids to have their school/sports physicals accomplished all at the same time. I know you think I am crazy to do this all at the same time but listen, it is so much easier taking one trip and staying there 2 hours versus 4 separate trips of more than an hour each. Isn't there a phrase, work smarter not harder. Yea, that's me. We actually split the apps.s into 2 separate groups, the oldest and the youngest, which now after the fact I would have put the middle 2 together and the oldest and youngest together, but hey this is how it worked out so I went with it.

First visit was awesome. All the kids behaved quietly and let me answer the 500 jillion questions that certify me insane, or a mother however you want to view it. Then it was eye exam time. First child, can't see, literally, this one kinda gave me a clue this past school year that we might have an eye issue but until today I was unaware of it completely. Yeah, we will have a follow-up with an optometrist and will probably need reading glasses. Second child, boy was he hysterical. Nurse: now read the letters to me. Child: in the loudest most enunciated, commanding voice: D T E O P C....... I was dying laughing inside trying desperately to keep quiet while he continued to pound out those letters one by one carefully not to miss any and not to let anyone forget he was in the hall. He did great!!! Zero has been complaining of a yucky belly. She has a belly ache when she eats and after for about 20 minutes. The Dr. figured out her issue and now has her taking some medication for inflammation. Omega is having to have some preventative medication for his asthma.

These 2 did fabulous with the Dr.

Then it was time for the next 2 to take their turn. They were running around jumping on the scales, punching each other, making animal sounds and generally out of control. I was slightly embarrassed as well as irritated with them for not listening to me. It didn't help with the Dr. poking and prodding them and making them giggle like teenagers. We managed to get through it and had to discuss the good touch/bad touch rules again. WOW, I just love parenting, did I tell you that already? Zulu has some pretty nasty plantar warts on his foot that have multiplied recently so we had to have a nice freezing session with that foot, which he tolerated for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to scream and kick and flail like we were killing him. That was not fun. We managed to get the job done. I finished with the bazillion questions and headed for the pharmacy and immunizations clinic. Before we ever got there all the kids were asking if they were going to have to get a shot. I quietly explained I had no control over who gets a shot. I had to explain why one was gonna get a shot and the others were not. You know the whole age thing. Those always turn out to be very interesting conversations. That is another one of those parenting things that comes up and you were never told or warned about. Where was the handbook for this? So after shots, fondling, freezing, and the good ole questionnaire we are good for another year.
Praise the Lord for another healthy day in the Haskins House.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What are those things called friends?

Friends, what are they to you?

Friends to me mean many things.

.... are great sounding boards

.... are funny

.... are loud
.... are supportive

.... are gossipy

.... are glamorous

.... are great listeners

.... are creative

.... are beautiful beings
.... are exciting to be around

.... help you through the rough times
.... give you high fives when you accomplish something

.... remember your special days in life

.... give good advice

.... stick beside you through the wind and rain
.... put you in your place when need be

.... are fun to party with
.... persuade you to step out of your comfort zone

.... want to be a part of your life

.... water the flowers in your garden
....make sweet presents for you
....love you

....accept you
......are hard to find
and Friends are hard to leave behind

Friday, July 24, 2009

Working at the car wash

Are you singing yet?

I am, and tapping my foot and bobbing my head. Quite an upbeat song I would say.

But I digress. After getting on the road on Tuesday morning leaving Fort Worth, TX headed for Nashville, TN the skies got really really dark and stayed dark. I thought oh boy, we are going to have to drive through the rain, this is going to be interesting. I got about 18 miles down the road and the beautiful rain started. I say beautiful because Texas is as dry as the desert right now. And to them, TEXANS, this was a beautiful thing, but to me it was all negative. I don't panic and figure, oh its just a storm and it will pass. 100 miles later I am starting to think a little more, hmmm this sure is A LOT of rain. Rain is not bad to drive in usually, that is if you are not attempting to drive 700 miles all in one day. By this time, I have threatened the kids in the back to not talk to me or argue with each other. I needed total silence to concentrate on this interesting part of the drive. Then I start to pass a 18-wheeler and I am freaking out literally because the windshield wipers are on full blast and I still can not see the hood even. I stick by the yellow line because I could make that out since the road and the sky were exactly the same color by this point and the truck is spraying more damn water than a stinking car wash. I hear a little voice in the back seat say, "Mom, this is the coolest car wash ever." I giggled and held on to the wheel for dear life praying hard that God will protect us and guide us safely through this rain.
Truck after truck, more water, more car washes and mommy is still wondering what happened to the 3 weeks of sun. I look down at the mileage and we are at 350 miles of pure rain. Not light rain, not mist, I'm talking torrential down pour like a full blown Hurricane. This is a nightmare. Hubby calls to check in a little later and I tell him to check the weather radar. He so graciously checks it and tells me it will not clear all the way through Arkansas and the first city that is clear is Memphis. Are you freaking kidding me? I am thinking we are going to stop and that is when he tells me the storm is chasing us. OMG, seriously I can not continue or my arms are going to fall off and my eyes will start bleeding. Finally at 526 miles the rain stops. The clouds clear and God and all his Glory allowed the sun to shine. I have never been more excited to see a dry road in all my life. OH man, my biceps will never forget that 525 miles. I am pretty sure my arms are bigger today after that mind blowing drive. The kids were a little scared but totally thought it was cool to get to go through that many car washes in one day. WOW, aren't they lucky.
Praise the Lord we made it to the hotel and Nashville was clear for the rest of the evening.
So Tuesday was my first day of working at the car wash and I never want to do back.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tiny Bubbles

Remember that song by Don Ho, Tiny Bubbles. It is a delightful song that brings beautiful pictures of Hawaii to my head. Just like yesterday did. My Aunt D has a friend who has been part of our family for about 25 or so years. We call her our Aunt J . She is very loving and absolutely one of the most giving people I have ever encountered. She can be extremely creative too.

So yesterday was my cousin's daughters 5th birthday. Aunt J has a fabulous backyard with an awesome swimming pool. She threw little J a birthday party but since we were in town and we have a birthday girl too she also included her.

Oh yes, Aunt J went all out for these 2 beauties. It was awesome. She had a luau complete with leis, kabobs, fruit, pool, music, the whole shebang. I was so happy and grateful to her for including my little Zero as well. What a day it was and there was ONLY family there with more than 30 people. Slightly large family I have here in Texas. Anyways Zero was told this was little J's birthday, not a lie, because it was her actually birthday. So I got all the kids dressed and out the door to Aunt J's house. They were so excited to go swimming and see the rest of the fam to realize the 2 signs hanging out behind the pool. Zero sat down taking it all in and had to be told to read the signs.

Immediately she took off running no less straight for me, she hugged me and asked if we were celebrating her birthday as well. I smiled hugged and kissed and yelled "SURPRISE". She was all smiles then on. What a day. Thanks Aunt J, you made it extremely memorable for my little Zero.

Wonderful end to a pretty spectacular vacation back home.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a couple of honest taggers

I was tagged by Toby and Charisse to do this Honest Scrap here in my blog. So here goes nothing. Thanks Ladies.....

The Rules:

(1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award {that would be me}

(2) Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

(3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

(4) Name 10 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

(5) Nominate 10 Honest Scrap Bloggers.

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1. I am the worst person when it comes to stubbing my toes. Seriously, if I do not have socks or shoes on of some kind I WILL stub my toes within an hour or so. Yes, Hubby just laughs now cause it is that common.

2. When it comes to potty training our children I am terrible, Praise the Lord for a patient and steadfast husband. He gets all the credit for potty trained children, I take none. Although I am really working with Ziggy, #4.

3. I am very stubborn in my ways and to my opinion on things and I RUN our house. I like things to be done the minute I ask them to be done not whenever or 5 minutes from now. I get very agitated if there is any lollygagging going on. I do not like people sitting around while I am cleaning either. You will have a job and then when that one is done there will be another.

4. I do not keep my car very clean. I like to have lots of emergency, just in case items lying around and that is usually in the floorboard. You know, clothes for everyone, directions, maps, extra pens(10), a whole package of maxi pads, empty water bottles, napkins, trash bags and the list goes on. Imagine what you could make or create with lots of random things, think Apollo 13 or Armageddon.

5. I get overwhelmed very easily and refuse to share the load because I want things done my way and can not be happy when someone helps me and it is done halfa$$. And trying to explain it my way is just wasting time. I just have to redo it.

6. I absolutely despise cleaning bathrooms. I have to clean them weekly and one bathroom(the kids) gets done 3 times a week because well my little boys have tendency to yuck it up. Husband probably has not cleaned a bathroom in a good year or more.

7. I am very much a "what's mine is mine" kind of girl. I protect my children, my family, my friends and my property like a dog. You start attacking or threaten and my teeth and claws come out. You will not walk away unscathed. It is something I take very seriously. I can not sit idly by and watch someone I love get hurt.

8. I do not lie to my children. I am honest even when the HARD questions come up. Hiding things from them is not done unless it is a special surprise for them like Christmas and birthday presents. I want to be the one they learn the birds and the bees from, I want to be the one that they come to when they are heart broken, I want them to ask my opinion on a decision or I want to help them make a choice, not a random neighbor or teacher or coach. I want them to trust me and know that Zeus and I are there for them through and through.

9. I love to follow other peoples lives finding new ways to do things with my family and learning how people do things. It is fun to try new things and look at life through different people's eyes. I learn a lot of "what not to do or what not to wear" too.

10. I believe whole-heartedly that the most important thing in life is your family. Nothing, I mean nothing will get you through life without your family. We all need help from the beginning and we will all need help in the end. Cherish your family, even extended relatives. Keep them close and stay in touch and always support them.

My ten winners, Tag you're it!!










Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet reminders

Today I got to have a wonderful visit with my BIG little brother and his pregnant wife. It was awesome. Having moved away from home while J was still in high school I missed much of his adult years and all of his dating days. Talking with them about baby names and baby gear and telling stories from my pros and cons of Pregnancy brought back a hilarious story I posted about 8 months ago. MOst embarrassing moment. I thought I would give you the opportunity to read it again or if you are fairly new to my blog and need a good laugh just hop on over. Click here

I have several people(more than 5) in my life around my either pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. I seriously am jealous but not for the outcome. Zeus and I both agreed upon 4 and are so lucky to have gone 4 for 4. Zeus was a sweet hubby and had surgery to keep us from having any more. I am greatful to him and proud of him for making this huge family decision. I truly loved being pregnant. I had so much energy. I had a reason to nap. I loved the looks and I really loved the random belly rubs. It was fun to sit in a room with other women and hear all the birth stories, they really are like war stories military men tell, just a female version. That was nifty. Pregnancy is so truly awesome. It is one of those times when you know God is Great. To create that little being inside your belly whew, WOW.

I do not want any more children but I have a desire to get pregnant one more time as a surrogate for someone less fortunate and after the birth continue to pump my breast milk and use it for milk banks and NICU babies. Sound weird. Well you see those are a few things that I do very well, carry babies and create milk. We all have talents so why not use it. I would love to be able to help a preemie baby and love to help that couple who is desperate to have their own child. I know I am totally gonna get flack from this so please be kind when you do voice your opinion. But it really is how I truly feel deep in my soul. I enjoy helping people. I love babies. I love being pregnant and I really did enjoy nursing. Why not kill several birds with one stone? It would be a great calling to duty for many persons. I do not want anymore biological children either so egg donation is OUT. I think it will be a little while before I attempt to do this and I am really going to have to find the right people to do this for before I commit but I am pretty sure this is what I want to do. Now, Zeus probably does not know all this and I am sure his mouth is wide open while reading this, Sorry Honey, but after serious thought I am going to start my research as soon as I arrive back in D.C. I believe children are a blessing and I also believe that having a biological connection is amazing. Trust me, I am an adopted child and completely understand that biological connection between a parent and child. It is weird but it is so amazing and if I can help 2 people feel that way than I will have accomplished something great. What are your thoughts, be honest just be kind? I would love to hear from all of you on what you think about reproduction and birth control.

Come back soon to hear more from the Haskins House.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Motorcycles & Munchkins

I have 2 parents that are total Motorcycle maniacs. Seriously, they have rooms in their house strictly dedicated to Harley Davidsons. Oh yeah, they just might even be in a motorcycle club too. Each one has their very own Harley. Don't get me wrong these "bikes" are gorgeous. Man, I would not want to drive the thing, I would just want to look at it. But they do and that leads me to my next segment. More adventures for the kids. They have been asking since we walked through the garage that very first day, "Mom can we ride the motorcycles." My instant reaction is Heck no, but do you think they let up. Oh no, every.single. day. "Mom can we ride the motorcycle today. Why not?" "when" Enough already. Fine ride the darn thing.

Grammy and Grampy just so happen to have a childs helmet. So there goes that excuse too. Looks like the nervous mom is gonna get a whole lot more nervous. Yesterday was the BIG day. Yep, all 4 munchkins got their own opportunity to ride Grampy's Harley. Grammy has not passed the "riding with a child" test yet so she just rode alongside Grampy and the babies.

They loved every minute of it. Omega and Zulu both got to ride 2 times. Mommy was not thrilled in the least bit, I just bit my tongue, threatened Grampy and let them go Praying hard the entire time that my babies did not have an accident.

Well, everyone made it out safe with not even a single scratch. I will call that a successful Mission. Thank you Lord Jesus for keeping my babies safe just one more day.

Hope everyone is doing well, we are a little on the toasty side. The temps are soaring in the 104-108 range since we got here. Talk about fry an egg on the cement, shoot.

Come back and check out more adventures from the Haskins House.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ahh, the life with Grandparents

So we are still in Texas, can you believe that? Yeah, we are having an extended long vacation here in the 100 degree heat. Yeah, just about every single day we have been here it has been well over 100 degrees. Now that's hot folks. My kids have 6, yes six sets of grandparents here in Texas this is not including any in-laws. Why so many, well that is another story but nevertheless their are tons of them to see. So we have been busy trying to equally split up our time, which is not easy at all. The kids are having a blast and are getting to do things we definitely do not do in D.C. or may not have in D.C. It is so fun to watch all the little smiles. I am beginning to let them go without me too. I never realized how hard that would be. Since in D.C. these 4 beings are my everything and I never leave them with a friend or neighbor for more than a couple hours. I actually let them go for more than 24 hours. Yeah, not so easy. I actually was a little lost to tell you the truth. Really, what do you do with 24 hours and no kids. I mean, I know what I would do if I was home and had hubby there with me but here there is no hubby and no home. But I managed to get through it with a few laughs. But oh, how I miss them. That is what we military families have a hard time doing, sharing. Here are a few moments that my babies have been experiencing with their Grammy's and Grampys, Mawmaws and Pawpaw's, Meemaws and Peepaw's, Nana's and Papa's, and Granny's and Grandpa's. Forgive me a few moments are pictureless but they are no less memorable to me and my babies.
Zenga playing with Nana ( guess I better take more pictures of her and the babies)
Sorry sliders with Meemaw and Grandpa ( I second that)
Tubing with Grammy
Boating with Grampy
Scrabble with Pawpaw
Zoo visit with Mawmaw
Roasting with Granny
Wow, I have some serious scrap booking to do when we get back. Dang and to think we still have another week to go. Woah, hold on to your hat cause the fun keeps coming.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Much ado about a Lawnmower

We are visiting my extended family in Texas for the time being. So down here we have things that are pretty RARE in D.C. Like Full size pick-ups, 5 acres of land or Riding lawnmowers.

Grammy and Grampy needed to mow the lawn so off they went while the kids and I were finishing up some laundry. Well Grammy and Grampy are known for letting the kids get away with stuff not normally allowed. I guess that is what good grandparents do, right.

Check this out, what is lawnmower fun without a few kids and more than one race car mower.

How about when the lawnmowers are finished working and are used to play. Please do not try this at home, it really is quite dangerous.

The joys of visiting grandparents that these babies will add to their little memory banks. I love seeing all the smiles and laughs, thats what makes all of it worth the worrying.

Looko forward to seeing you again until then have a fantastic day

Sunday, July 5, 2009

America, our home

July 4th





Happy Birthday America

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friends Forever

Just 3 short years ago this summer a strange man and woman and their kids and Mother walk up to my front door asking questions about the "trash" that was left on my curb. We live in a neighborhood that just puts stuff on the curb, even usable stuff. This night we did the same after cleaning out the garage. The strange man and woman wanted to take something and asked us first, how nice. It was a wonderful way to meet the new neighbors too. From that point on we became instant friends. Well these friends moved away last summer because the Gov't said it was time to move, gotta love this military life. We stayed in close contact making calls and emailing several times a week. This friend knows me well and is very honest with me and is very dear to my heart. This friend has been right there beside me through it ALL. So after deciding to go to Texas I thought it would be great to stop and see my friend who also just happens to have a daughter that was my daughters best friend. Lovely how that works out. They live in Florida for the moment and I figured it would be wonderful to see them. I miss our chats and her amazing Mexican food, she is an awesome cook. So off we went, a little out of our way but so worth the drive. How I wish I would have scheduled more time with them!!

Between the 2 of us we have 7 kids with another on the way. We had loads of fun.

I love how best friends can not see each other for 11 months and pick up right where they left off. Our sweet daughters having a blast together.

My beautiful Friend and her absolutely adorable baby girl, hubby would not mind having another one if we could get a little girl this precious.

My babies and I living it up at the beach

They built unique sand castles and poured endless buckets of water trying to create a moat that never had water.

WE ate a picnic lunch in the sand by the water

Some boogie boarding also occurred
What did I get? Four happy and very brown babies.
What a trip!! Thank you dear friend and to your wonderful generosity of taking us in for a few nights. We had a blast and I can not wait to see when the next time and new place we get to meet. Even though we live 970 miles apart for now, friends we will be until the end.