Monday, June 8, 2009

Tons to share with you

WOW, Bloggy buddies this weekend has been terrific. I could have never imagined what would happen and how it would happen but I am thanking the Lord for all these blessings. It really does stump me what he can accomplish. Man, what a powerful God we have.

First, we started out with a slightly rainy Friday afternoon. I decided I would try to capture my garden with the rain drops. Here are a few pictures of what is happening there.

Zeus was suppose to be home Friday morning but due to several plane malfunctions and circumstances he was delayed more than a day. But, no time for tears because I had house guests coming in the late afternoon. They were coming from PA on their NC. This was pretty much the halfway point and with 4 kids and one of them a small infant they thought it would be best to hang out with us for the best sleepover ever. The invasion was fantastic. We all had dinner together, Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes and salad and then tried to catch up on the last few months of each others lives. The kids friendships were not phased by the time, they went right back to where things had left off. It was so awesome.

Saturday early morning around 3am my phone rang and yes it was my dear hubby, Zeus asking me to come get him. I was elated since I had not seen him in 30 days. I graciously, ok, super fastly got dressed, ran a brush through my hair and pulled it up to make my self look somewhat presentable and out the door to get my man.

I cooked breakfast for the gang after my munchkins pounced Dad at the break of dawn. It is quite funny to see the excitement on their little faces when they find him in my bed after long trips. So cute.

Then our friends were out the door to finish their drive to NC. It was a very nice visit and I am so glad I was able to help them with baseballs, food and a warm place to sleep.

Then we as a family spent the day getting reacquainted. It really is strange how dynamics change when just one member of your family is missing. Getting back in routine is different because things are run completely differently when I am by myself with the munchkins. But, nonetheless, life would continue and I had things I needed to get done. So, I mowed the backyard and weed-eated while Zeus watched. Funny huh!!! I got the weeding done in the flower beds and got all Zeus' laundry started. What a chore that is, yuck. Did I mention I really really despise of laundry especially a month's worth. Zeus took the kids shopping because he was unable to get gifts from one of the stops he visited. So now we as a family own the latest and greatest Nintendo DSi. Oh yes, I have been wanting dreading this for a long time.

Sunday, the kids had made big plans and Zeus would have a few up his sleeve as well. The morning wake up call came a little after 8 when my family decided Mom did not need any more sleep and proceeded to jump on me and my bed until I got up. Lovely children I have.

We took a bike ride on the way to and from the pool.

Then the surprises were in store. The kids and Zeus planned to go to the movies and dinner but little did I know I would be thrust into dealing with a 2 week long situation that has been a sticky subject to say the least. I really thought this was a completely lost cause. But, my sweet dear husband had other plans. Yes, he would coax the person who I have been at odds with or not speaking with to come with him to the movies and then while he was filling up his car at the gas station would send her to my car for the ride. Interesting, thanks dear. I love being set up. He is so funny ruthless. Well, it turned out to be good but felt so weird because in my mind I never saw this happening again. I never saw talking to this person again. I never saw it mending. I hoped and wished and prayed it would but judging from past experiences never did I think things could come back. Now, expectations, I have none at this point and don't think I can. This is something that is going to have to work itself out and I hope that in 10 years we all look back at this and laugh and say Mr. H, you were right it was so "Saved by the Bell".

After a voice filled car ride we were off to see Battle of the Smithsonian with all 6 kids. Can I just say (in a completely annoying voice) thanks oh so much to the lady and daughter that did not move thus splitting up our group of 9. Yeah, she sat right in the middle of the row and we sat on either side of her. It was to her own disadvantage because of the children walking back and forth and the reaching and passing of popcorn and drinks. Oh well, it was a hilarious movie and definitely worth it. The kids were so entertained as were we adults.
Boom, Boom, Firepowa!!!

Then it was off to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with a continuation of talk and fun as the 2 other adults raced through the word search, and 2 other juvenile games. Quite funny. I really don't think we ever "grow up".

Here are a few more garden pictures without the rain. I am extremely proud of my yard and garden this year. It is beautiful. I will share more on this later and will post LOTS more photos. It is finally a mature garden and for that I am so excited. Enjoy these few snapshots.

BTW, remember this blog post Its a wonderful life 2 weeks ago, well I took pictures of the little duck line this time. It is our regular routine at the pool now. Oh, thanks God for 4 wonderful precious beings.

So glad this was a absolutely memorable yet fun filled and accomplished weekend. I thank my husband for his support and view and down right annoying behavior that ultimately saved a relationship. I thank my friends for coming to see us. I thank my other friend for welcoming a renewal of ties. and I thank my kids for being such wonderful beings and always giving me something to smile about. I love you guys. I hope all you bloggy buddies have a fun filled week and that you too will have a few good surprises along the path. Blessings to all.


Keyona said...

Oh, I bet is was nice to have a new baby in the house. She's precious.