Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Welcome Back Tiny Task Tuesday!!!

What are you doing to help someone else out in their time of need? No money needs to be involved only your loving heart and God given strength. What can you do for someone else this week? Can you help them get a buggy at the store? Can you mow the lawn? Do they need help getting their children off the school bus? You be the one to step up and make a difference for someone else. "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day." Author Sally Koch I love this quote. Thanks Sally, it says exactly what I am trying to accomplish here. Just try my campaign, help someone out once a week or whatever you have time for that could mean 5 times a week. The object is that we make a conscience effort to help those around us. Being a military wife and temporary single mother their are many instances where I could use a little company(adult conversation face to face), or help chasing children or a quick babysitter so I can run to the store without my munchkins. I will never ask you directly for help. But it is the fact that you notice and try that helps me. Keep your eyes open is all I ask. Are their any single moms that you work with or kids go to school with? What about an elderly person? Small things, not save the world kind of work.

We all could use a little T.T.T.

This week I want to try something, If you would like to nominate someone for me to highlight here, please do. I am always looking for inspiring stories of selflessness by others. These do not have to be millionaires, athletes or superpeople. I actually want to highlight the average person who is not seeking the limelight just saw a need and dealt with it head on. Like my first nominated T.T.T, Granny, who saw an immediate need and began the steps to fill that need.

Come on, Its a challenge. Step up and give it all you got.

Looking forward to seeing the nominations flow in.



Taylors Make Four said...

Were you talking about going to WDW later this year/summer? We are going the first week of August, how cool would that be to run into each other--ha ha!

Charisse said...

I am so glad you featured her again. I love her little blog. And I loooved that post.