Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part II

Enjoyed an amazing day at sea for day two. This night was our Captains Dinner and drink hour. We had free drinks for an hour, we all seemed to try a few different drinks to find one we really enjoyed. It was great to be able to enjoy the day with so many family members.

During the Captains drink hour the band was playing and many people were getting up on stage and dancing. My sweet cousin asked her Gramps(my Uncle Paul) if he would dance with her. It was such a sweet moment.

There was always someone to do something with or eat ice cream with. BTW, Ice cream and frozen yogurt are available 24/7 from self serve soft serve machines. Oh boy, my cousin tried her best to get the most cones out of the family. I do not remember what the number ended up being but it was a lot. Yum!!! We had a great day playing in the pool and watching the ice carving. Oh yes, they brought out this huge chunk of ice and this little man used a chisel to carve it into 2 birds and a heart. It was quite beautiful.

Did I mention you had food available 24/7. Yeah you could eat just about any time you wanted. It was awesome. They had many types and styles and dining areas. This must have been one of the best parts of the ship, the food. I tried lots of different types of food, some super yummy and others not so much. Good thing I could try something else. We spent some more time in the Chinatown club that evening after an extremely elegant dinner. I had Lobster tail and shrimp, I actually ordered 2 plates of them and ate both of them. YUMMY!!!

Before Dinner I caught another sweet moment on Camera. These 2 cousins loving on each other. WOW, I like having a big family. You can see and experience some of the most loving and beautiful events you can't see with a small one.

I felt just a Queen. The waiter pulls out your chair and puts a napkin in your lap and pushes your chair in. WOW, I could live like that, seriously. Can I teach my Husband to treat me like that? Probably not, just need him to pay for another cruise. It was really nice to sit with the family too.

I had to do a little flirting with the Matre D the night before to get all 15 of us near or at the same table but I accomplished my goal. Meemaw thought I was crazy. I had so much fun and enjoyed the sun as we relaxed.

Before Dinner there are several, I mean more than 10, different places or areas to have your picture made. Since it was formal night they had some really cool ones like the Stairs to the Titanic, A cruise ship and lots more. We had ours made a few times. Here is the results
The day at sea was an absolute amazing day. Meemaw and I turned in a little early because I had to get up very early the next day. I will share more with you in a few more hours. Thanks for reading


Keyona said...

Looks like great fun!

Octamom said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful time!! Can't wait to hear more!