Thursday, June 11, 2009

My special Hiatus

OH Bloggy buddies, I do not know whether to cry or scream right now. I am completely excited, stoked, and elated that as of tomorrow I will be on vacation. Yes, me, I am going away without the kids or hubby. I am on my way to the bright blue yonder otherwise known as Mexico.
I am taking a beautiful special cruise with my grandmother and several extended family members. This will be my very first cruise. I am not sure what I am feeling yet.

The past 2 months have been so jam packed with drama, business and loneliness that I have not had the opportunity to devote much thinking time to planning or preparing for this trip. Much less get excited about it. My grandmother has been doing her best to get me excited but I just had so many other things that I could not lose focus of what was the order of the day. I do think I am ready and should have all that I need, yet I am still nervous that I will leave something behind or forget to take that important thing. I will not be updating until I get back. I know, try not to cry I will be back very soon with LOADS of pictures and fun stories and memories to share with you. I will try to check my email a time or two while on the boat but other than that, that will be it.

Zeus is back in full swing and will be taking the reigns of the house and munchkins while I am gone. Please pray for him, he really does need it. Having been gone for basically 2 months he does not know what has REALLY been going on and how MOMMY runs things. I fear he is in for a rude awakening or lots of correcting by Zero and Omega. Its a good thing they are reliable little people. Zeus thinks this is going to be great, which he is right. I need a vacation and he needs alone time with the munchkins, it works out well for both of us. Have a great week and I will get to you when I return.


Toby E. said...

I seem to have been on a blogging hiatis (sp?) lately so I am spending the day catching up on everyone.
I have been somewhat updated on FB, so I do know you have already left. But I still want to wish you a fabulous, fun, relaxing, and purely enjoyable time!!! You deserve it, that's for sure!!!!!!