Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun, Fantasy, Family part I

Have you missed me?

I know you have and you are all dying to hear about all the fun I had while I was away.

This past week I was given the grand opportunity to accompany my Meemaw on a Cruise vacation with 13 other family members. This would be my VERY first cruise.

I really did not have a lot of time to devote to planning and researching like I had hoped.

So Friday afternoon I boarded a plane here in D.C. bound for Dallas-Fort Worth, Tx. I was delayed leaving D.C.

Then I had a layover in Nashville that ended up being a 2 hour layover instead of 35 minutes. Oh boy, All I could think about was what a way to start off my vacation. I really do not like airports to begin with either. It seems like a waste of time sitting waiting on that plane to get loaded. Then we were off and a rush that was with a Tornado within minutes of us we were pushing to get out of the way. That was the worst flight. We flew through 2 hellaous storms and all I could think of was Air France flight. We bounced around for about 45 minutes. Oh boy, That was the longest roller coaster ride I have ever ridden. I was extremely glad to be safely on the ground after that. I was thrilled to see my Dad and 2 younger brothers as well.

The next day we took off in a 3 car caravan for the 5 hour drive to Galveston, TX where our glorious Cruise ship was waiting. The drive down was very nice with a short stop for breakfast at Denny's. We were all so very excited. I was super happy to be reunited with my large extended family especially glad I would get to spend 5 days straight with them.

When we got down there we got unloaded and then realized that 2 of the youngsters passport cards were missing. Oh great, this is getting better. The staff were great allowing us to board the kiddos with minor disruption. Then we were off to lunch in the dining room and on to exploring our new home.
I was in complete awe by this point. How anything this large could float on water completely boggles my mind. The first day was so fantastic, especially having to don a life vest and listen to all the speeches about disembarking if a fire or heaven forbid, something tragic happen and be ordered to abandon ship. Geez, they scare the bgesus out of you for about 90 minutes and then say "alright have fun". Certainly strange but needed, I did not complain, I just took pictures. HAHAHA!!!

Then we were off to find our luggage and learn more about this massive floating vessel with 3000 people aboard. It was truly amazing. Here I was living a dream only without my husband and 4 children, you see this was suppose to be a mommy vacation. Many instances occurred when I desperately missed my own little family. I managed to stay busy with my Meemaw and family that I kept my sadness and loneliness at bay. We ate dinner in this "ritzy" restaurant. WOW, I would love to eat dinner every night with a white table cloth, with chair pulled out and napkin laid in my lap all by someone else. Oh yes, it was unbelievably fancy and boy did I soak it up. We met some neat people and I enjoyed fantastic Seafood and scrumptious dessert.

I was seeing stars I was so happy. IF it is better than this in heaven I am going to love it. Then we were off to find the rest of our crew to hang out for the evening.

We made it to a Club called Chinatown on the nightlife strip. There was a live band, "the Best sellers" playing wonderful music. It was oldies but goodies and some very popular stuff. This band played some awesome medleys. Several of us danced out hearts out, well, maybe until we were dripping with sweat. It was very enjoyable. I loved having a dance buddy and absolutely let loose.

After being completely exhausted we were off to bed for the first night. I was thrilled to open the room door to find a little folded friend on my bed. EXCELLENT, he was so cute.

Well, I will leave you here for now. Day 2 will come in 24 hours. Thanks for reading.


Charisse said...

Welcome back. I am glad you got to enjoy this trip with family. I am sure you had fun. Can't wait to read more. :-)

Our Naquin Family said...

Looks like you had fun :)!