Monday, May 4, 2009

Tiny task Tuesday

Welcome Back TTT

It has been a little while of hiatus but I am back with a new reason to pursue my journey to better America, one tiny task at a time. This is simple all you need to do is find someone or something to help out using no money. This is something small like bring in the knocked over trash cans, pick up trash in a parking lot, take the neighbor to drop off her library books or divert the 2 year old out of the street. These are truly simple or tiny little tasks. All I ask is that you do one task a week. Only one no less no more.

This week I want to highlight my F-I-L. While we were on the beach a group of musicians were shooting a video near us. They had all kinds of equipment and there were many of them. They walked away to another location and my FIL noticed they left a video tripod behind. Several hours after they left we were packing up the cars and FIL picked up the tripod and turned it in to the parking attendant that was on duty. Just as he walked away a white van pulled up asking about a video tripod that was left behind. It was returned to its rightful owner. What a great good deed or Tiny task.

You see something simple once a week and you can change someone's life even help them save a little money. Blessings

Step up and try it, you might just like it.


Charisse said...

I would like to nominate this lady unknowingly to Tiny Task Tuesdays with us. This was posted over a month ago, but the ppl in her neighborhood really exemplified what we are talking about.