Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soap, Water and................

What do you do with Soap and Water? Yeah, you probably said shower or bath. That's a good answer but not what I was shooting for. Here at the Haskins House we use soap and water a little differently.
Yep, It is used as a play toy. Weird, yeah, fun, absolutely. Check out these imaginative boys I have. They made the best of a sunny, lazy day that all wanted to stay home and enjoy each others company. It makes me smile to see them doing things I did as a kid. My little brother and I did this many times. OH how I miss being young and care free. Seeing these guys interact with other makes me miss my brother more and more. It has been almost a year since I have seen him. Watch this little video of my 3 baby boys.

Notice what Ziggy is doing? Yeah, adding more! There can never be enough that's for sure. Also notice the bottle. It started out full 30 minutes prior to shoot. Great fun. I just laughed and smiled


Do you see the flying Omega in this one? What about the terror on Ziggy's face in this one?

Who needs a slip a slide anymore, these boys have a trampoline.

WOW, They even hover too. I sure have some talented kids.

My sweet precious boys looking closely at bubbles. NO tub needed!!


Anonymous said...

Do you realize how horribly dangerous that is. Also, I can't believe you don't have a protective net around that trampoline! What kind of mother are you?!?

Anonymous said...

They look like they were having a blast! How did you get the soap off of the trampoline? The best part is, it looks messy, but its soap, so there actually clean! Just have to hose them down... LOL