Thursday, May 21, 2009

Potty Training 101

Oh yeah, Potty training has commenced for little Ziggy. He has been doing it off and on for the last few weeks. I however seem to be the worst trainer ever. I have been so lucky to have a married a very patient man that loves to potty train our children. Well, our boys anyways. Zero, basically potty trained herself. She hated to be wet, she hated to be dirty, we could not get her out of diapers fast enough. She never liked to get herself dirty. Sand, dirt, splashing in water, definitely were not her cup of tea. We took her to Florida when she was 2 and she flipped out when Zeus tried to put her in the sand. It was really funny. So, she never really had a problem with the potty.

Zeus worked very hard to get Omega and Ziggy to train while I was away both times. I am oh so thankful to him for pressing the issue. Although Omega has got to be one of the toughest potty trainee I have ever heard of. He didn't care. Making a mess in his pants was not a problem, he did not even tell you either. You had to receive a phone call from his Pre-kindergarten teacher asking you to come change him. Oh Boy was it tough with him. Yikes, so glad Zeus was around then. Ziggy, he lasted about 5 days and the deed was done, unlike Omega months and months. Ziggy, however is beginning to fall in Omega's footsteps. I am really not thrilled about this at all. But this time, it is all me. Zeus is out of the country again and Mommy has to be the trainer and boy, o boy, I am not the best at all. This is really a struggle for me. But I must tell you, Ziggy and I went shopping for a while yesterday and he went diaperless or with his underoos and came back clean as a whistle. WOO HOO, He is now beginning to feel the pee pee urge but not the poo poo urge. A couple weeks ago he got off the potty after telling me he finished and I came to clean him up only to find the big "poop" on the floor directly in front of the toilet. Yeah, we have some serious training yet to accomplish. But in my defense, he is standing up in front of the toilet and peeing like a male should and for that I am a super proud Momma. I will continue this journey until mid June when I am schedule to take a cruise with my grandmother and Zeus will be home with all 4 babies. I have complete faith in him that when I come home Ziggy will be almost finished training, cause he's good like that. Go DADDY!!!