Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day

First off I just have to say Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing women out there that have been graced as moms.

(My first Mother's Day in Atlanta, Ga)

If you read often you will know that Zeus is currently on a business trip and plans to be gone for more than a month. He usually caves to the pressure of the kids wishes or shall I say demands on what they want to do for me on that glorious day. It is really quite funny. It makes me smile. Although this year there will be no smiling about kids forcing Dad to help because he is gone. Lucky him!! I know that is what all you guys are saying right now. Really, with all seriousness, we were suppose to go on a short cruise of the Potomac but Daddy being Daddy did not make the reservations and when i called this morning it was all booked up. Oh well, so I thought today we always lay back and relax on Saturdays, lets be spontaneous. So I get all the kids rounded up and dressed and buckled in there seats and off we go. I really wanted to get a couple new shirts for the cruise that my wonderfully sweet grandmother is taking me on in June. So I took the kids to The Mall, no not the National Mall, the shopping mall and yes I had to explain that to my children. They were excited to go see the Lincoln memorial and Washington monument. Seriously, my kids do not know what a "real" mall is, wow that is jacked up. Oh well, a few little upset babies later we arrive at the mall with a plan. It was going well until we are in line at H&M waiting to check out and Zulu yells, Ziggy pooped. Oh yeah, loud as he could. I hush him up quickly and explain we are going to the restroom as soon as we leave the store. We get into the store and I realize I do not have another diaper to replace the poopy one on his butt. OH boy, the wheels start turning in my head, Hmmmm, how do I solve this one? Then I think oh yeah I have a maxi pad in my purse. Great, but what is it going to stick too? Then I decide one of the big kids is gonna have to help me. Zero was wearing a skort type thing so she was covered, so I asked or more like told her to take off her panties and give them to me. She was very upset and extremely hesitant but with a little coaxing I got them. I attached the pad to the panties and swiftly slipped them on Ziggy. Oh boy, what a situation. He made it 4 hours with the pad on and when we got home it was completely dry. WOW, way to go Ziggy.

(Cherry Blossoms in D.C) (Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA)

The kids and I stopped and ate lunch at Chili's since I had a gift card and they were starving, or thought they were starving. It was a wonderful lunch. They were all well behaved and ate beautifully. If only they behaved like this all the time. I got lots of blank stares and people commenting on me taking 4 children to lunch. This was very special to me though. I had a great day, got some new shirts, spent shopping time with my babies and got lots of great fashion tips from them as well. So my Mother's Day will not be what I had deeply hoped it would be but today was better than I could have imagined. My babies and me. I think we will take a hike out at Great Falls Park and have a picnic lunch.

(Hanging out around our house)

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies and if your day does not go as planned just remember those babies, always your babies, love you, appreciate you, thank you and will always want you to feel special on your day.

(My Mother and I in Hawaii, 2005)

Congratulations and Happy Day