Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

How are you doing? We are staying as busy as ever. With Zeus gone I try really hard to spend lots of time with my babies. They are very special to me and today God shined a light down on me and opened my eyes to something I haven't seen before. Nothing in life is important other than our families. I have always cherished this but today, I had an open heart and realized the only things I need are these 4 beings and my husband. Nothing more, nothing less. Today I got to sleep in til like 8:30 waking up to see 4 smiling happy, kissy faces all over my bed snuggling with me, their mom. WOW, what a wonderful feeling. They wanted to be with me.Oh how I love these special moments. The holiday weekend always comes with advantages, and the pool opening being one of them. The kids and I took a short little drive over to the base pool at 11am. They were so excited to get into that water. Here at our base pool they are required to take a swim test and then based on how well they do on the test they are given one of 4 different color wrist bands. Zero, Omega and Zulu all jumped in and got tested. This being the very first time in the water in 9 months I was leery of how they would do. Well to my surprise, Zero and Omega both got the top color, blue. They were so happy. Zulu is still a little rusty but did great too and got the second color, yellow. I was so proud of all of them for trying and finishing. Ziggy will be at the bottom for a short while but I am confident Zeus will work with him and he will be moving right on up. With armbands on, the sunscreening began. Standing in a row like little ducks each child helped the one in front spread sunscreen on his/her back and body. It really was cute. I wish I got pictures of it but I was in the row too. We ended up staying there for 5, yes 5 hours swimming up a storm and playing with lots of friends, well not Twinkle. Days like these I feel like I could use 3 more sets of eyes. Trying to make sure everyone is safe and in the same place and is minding their manners and sharing and all that stuff that goes through our(moms) heads. We had lunch courtesy of the staff and the kids bounced in a bounce house and slid down a big huge blow up water slide. What a great day.

Later once we had showered and dressed into clean clothes I decided to get a little shopping done. We ran to the grocery store/Commissary and then stopped by the Starbucks for a few Frappucinos, which the babies absolutely love.

I wanted to finish off strong and enjoy the evening weather so I loaded up all four kids and all four kids bikes and took them to the nearest air pump. Each bike needed air after not being ridden over the winter months. What a packed Van! Thank goodness Zeus bought that thing. Then we came back home and took the bikes to the empty parking lot behind the house and away they flew. It was like heaven to them. They were riding all over and loving it. Lots of waves and HUGE smiles had me so very happy. They each shared their bikes with each sibling. It was like musical bikes out there. Boys on girls bikes and girls on Boys bikes. How fun!!! At that very moment, watching the joy, the Lord spoke to me assuring me that life is just the way it is suppose to be and letting me know these beautiful faces are just what I need in this world and all I need in this world. So today's motto is fitting since Zeus is away, his favorite movie as I lay here thinking of him, It's a Wonderful Life. So wonderful. So full. So Haskins!!!


Our Naquin Family said...

What a fun weekend! :)