Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friends and Family Friday

Once again another Friday is upon us. Today I am a little sad because Zeus had to leave again for another month long world tour. This is extremely sad also because he has only been home 10 days from his last month long world tour. But I must be strong and carry on with some sort of normalcy for these 4 little beings that call me mom. Today, I bring back my Family and Friends Friday tribute. This is a tribute to my personal friends and family that have made a difference in my life. It is a living tribute to tell them all the things that don't normally get said until the coffin rolls into the church. I despise holding back and not sharing peoples accomplishments while they are still living and breathing on this planet. Why wait. This is my own time to share my wonderfully crazy and somewhat bizarre family and Friends with you.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you tell your family and friends what they mean to you before you can not.

Congratulations D.D.M

Today I have chosen my grandfather. I have few pictures to share but will do my best. D.M is one of the smartest persons I know and have ever known. D.M, I think you are unbelievably astonishing. You amaze me at what you can recall from your youth. That is probably the greatest thing I love about you. Your ability to tell stories. I love and have always loved sitting at the dinner table listening to you tell me how mean you were to your sisters and how life was in the forties and fifties. I can imagine being there as you tell about the water hose or the frog. I remember going fishing with you in Colorado, wow what a beautiful place that was. Thank you for teaching me how to worm a hook, reel in a line and set a hook. It was always wonderful to look forward to our yearly summer vacation/trip. I must tell you, I loved having you as our chauffeur. You maneuvered that motorhome like it was a bike. It was so easy for you to get it in and out of restaurant parking lots and camp sites. We always knew that Grandpa would be the one to tell us a scary fire side story. Something about you that still amazes me today is your knack for organizing things. No matter what it is, apples, shovels, pencils, paper, books or random tools you always had a place for everything. I do not know anybody else that draws outlines of tools on the Garage walls or kitchen drawers. How clever of you. One of the funnest times with you that I will forever remember is our summer out at Twin Points with all the black cats and coke cans. You had all these great experiments for us to try and they included explosives, that was totally cool. You gave me my first true taste of flower gardens. Grandpa, nobody else will be able to replace you nor will they match the amount of things you have taught me throughout the years. Seriously, you showed me how to roll up a water hose just so. You showed me how to build a fire and what type wood to use. Although, I am not good with the organizing yet, I know along the way I will remember and be grateful for your instruction. I think you have had an absolutely full life. From running track in high school to traveling the country I am most grateful that you have shared your life with me and that you were so selfless in supporting Nana in bringing me up. Thank you for putting up with me along the way. I appreciate all that you have done for me all these glorious years. I thank you for cutting me glass shelves for my entertainment center, I thank you for always keeping the pool clean, I thank you for all the pointers you have given me along the way. You have always been so creative in your own way. I will never look at a rock the same way again. I will never look at clouds as just clouds either. Grandpa, you have given so much to others that I want you to know you have shown me to give of myself. Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you for standing by that pretty old Granny. HAHAHA, She really needs you and I know you know this. It has been awesome to see you navigate through life and watch how the 2 of you respond with every new situation that arises, you just get through it. Man, I hope I will be able to react that way as I age. Please know that I am most appreciative for everything you have done for me. Everytime I ever see a little smoky your face comes to mind. I can never look at a sausage biscuit without thinking of you and how you loved to eat those. I remember one special moment that you and I had together that allowed me to feel like a lady. After you returned from a trip you took me to dinner at Steak and Ale, just me and you, all dressed up as a thank you for watering all the flowers and plants. It was so wonderful. That was probably the most meaningful Shirley temple I have ever had. Thank you for making me feel special. Thank you for supporting me and my decisions. I love you. I know you are still here and dealing with the wonderful medical issues old age gives but I know you are still here and know what is going on. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being you. There are so many memories I will take with me on my life journey. I hope to be able to share stories with my kids and grandkids like you have shared with me. Congratulations on being my FFF recipient this week.

God Bless