Saturday, May 16, 2009

Childhood and long distance

Today was a glorious day. I took advantage of some much needed lounge time. The kids and I pretty much hung out all day and stayed home. It was strange but absolutely wonderful because we had nothing on the books for once. So we lounged in our pj's and played. I watched and listened as my 4 babes played house with dolls using bedrooms for apartments and dishtowels for diapers. It truly was super cute to see each one of them taking care of their very own baby.
Now, lets hope they wait until they are adults to do it for real. Then at the drop of a hat they were running around the house on all fours. Yes, they all became cute little puppies. Barking and wagging those little tails booties of theirs. It took me back about 18 years. Oh my word, writing that down just made me feel so stinking old. Anyways, as a child I would spend the majority of my summers with my grandparents and at my Meemaws house she kept most of the grandkids throughout the summer. At one point she had more than 7 of us at a time. Me, being one of the older ones, I liked to be the boss so I liked to do it my way. We would play dogs as well, but I was the owner. Uh huh, that was me, bark for water, paw for food, yelling at them to stop fighting and get in their cages. It is and forever will be one of the fondest memories I hold from my childhood. Watching my very own babies doing it brought giant smiles to my face as those instant photos flashed in my mind. Oh the fun we had. I love it when the imagination of my children shines through. It does restore my hope in today's children. I feel as though so many kids grow up so fast and do not get the opportunity to use their surrounding and combine that with their imagination to entertain themselves. As the day went on the imagination turned to science professing. Yes, they were creating their very own science projects using their toys. Zero and Omega even created a domino effect with a chair and the floor using VHS tapes. It was very funny and so cute to see the hard work that they put into it. They even counted and labeled each tape. What sweet munchkins I have. Later on we I decided that we were going to go to the store and each pick out a cup of ice cream, a coke and grab some chips so that we could have a movie night and munch on the guacamole I made earlier in the afternoon.

It was fun to sit with the kids and relax and do a little math with Zulu while we watched a cute kids movie. OH, how wonderful my life can be. I am still sad that Zeus is gone and we have not gotten to talk to him on the phone in several days. He misses so much when he is gone on these business trips. We just miss spending time with him. The couch is not near as crowded with 5 as it is with 6.
Ziggy is really having a rough a time with Zeus gone. I think he cries ohhh, about 8 times a day about every little thing that happens. The poor little guy just misses his pop and does not know how to let out his feelings other than crying at every.little.thing. Although him and I are getting a lot of cuddle time in because he comes running with every tear that falls.

We are all holding on quite well for now. Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep all of this together until Zeus can make it back safely. Enjoy your weekend.