Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walmart police

Hello there friends.

Today I decided that I would get out of the house and run by Walmart to look at the flowers and pick up a few other household items. Ziggy and I were enjoying ourselves browsing through the store taking our time just moseying along. I get back to the kids clothes at the back of the store to see if there is anything I just can't live without and there is an employee mopping the floor.

He looks at me and then decides to say "ma'am you child can not be standing in the cart."

I looked back and said "oh Really"

He said : "ma'am I'm serious it is a Walmart rule."

me "Huh"

Him:"ma'am you need to take him out of the cart." "I'm going to have to take the cart away ma'am.

Me: walking closer and looking away I put my hand up and said "Do not talk to me, I do not want to hear it."

Cue the random mother

She says "wow, I didn't know there was Walmart police." in the loudest voice

Me: "I know, seriously, you'd think I was killing my kid or something."

me: walking away carrying my child whilst pushing the buggy.

I can not even begin to tell you how furious I was at this uneducated, sloppy looking employee. I am a mother and know what is best for my child. Do not even try to tell me how to parent my child. If he is in the buggy he is not pulling down any of your nicely folded shirts, he is not running amok, he is controlled in his own little environment. I was really controlling my anger. I do not in the least bit like anyone to tell me how to parent my child, especially since he is my 4th child. Give me a break. I have a suggestion to ALL Walmart employees that want to direct anyone about parenting while on duty, "you want to keep your job I suggest you keep your mouth mum" Not all parents are bad. I will not sue you for my son falling out of the cart. I am in control of him standing beside him the whole time. Back the heck up!!! He is not going to fall out if that is your worry. I have got to tell you bloggie folks, I was so very angry. I do not think I will be going back to said Walmart ever again. This is the 2nd time an employee has tried to tell me how I should deal with my child. Last time he was getting in the way of other peoples buggies while walking beside me a couple months ago. The employee told me to put him in the buggy so others could get by. I give up, take him out, put him in. I think Target is looking better and better the more I read this. What do you think? Would you have reacted this way? Was I out of line? Seriously, I was not having it. You do not have to sign a waiver of rules to use a buggy. I am completely irritated and will not be going back. Too bad Walmart now hires its own parent police!!!


Charisse said...

That would have irritated me beyond belief. I can not stand WalMart. It is the epitome of evil sometimes. I always say WalMart is the Devil. Target is more expensive and not quite as convenient, but I do not like WalMart at all. Once, Lorelli and her daddy were at WalMart and one of the warehouse ppl was driving one of those car thingies through the store and hit Lorelli and the clerk had the nerve to tell AD that she should not have been in the aisles. Where else is she supposed to be? Under the clothes racks? On my hip? Not in WalMart at all????

Stenia said...

You have every right to march back up to that customer service desk and lay into them. That's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard. I would have not been able to hold back. Did you go to Wal-Mart on 1 or in Clinton? I swear Wal-mart is always a madhouse, and I would keep my kid in the cart too.. Target is closer to our houses anyway. I am sorry to hear about your experience.. At least you got to go to Melting Pot tonight! YUM.