Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Once again Tuesday has arrived in full swing. I invite you to join with me on my personal mission to change America one helping hand at a time. This can be done in many simple tasks. By helping an older woman load her groceries, picking up trash on your street, Sharing an egg or cup of sugar with your neighbor. Many small or tiny tasks can be done to restore America's true generosity. Just do one task a week and watch how you will make someone else's day.

This week I want to highlight a few tasks done by people around me.

On my side of the street our backyards are all fenced with wooden 4 foot tall fences. We have about 4 -6 feet of grass and trees and then sidewalk. On the other side of the sidewalk is a fairly large parking lot. When the wind blows the trash from people and shopping center blow right up to the trees and fences. Over the past few weeks the trash has really started to pile up. As I walked home from the store I noticed 2 mothers and 6-8 children all with gloves on and trash bags simply picking up all the piled up trash. They did not live on the street. They just were doing a good deed, or what I call a tiny task. I can tell you I am completely sure those people who lived in those houses were probably very very appreciative. I know I was. This did not take them very long at all especially with that many of them, but it made such a huge difference in appearance. Great job guys.

This is a great things. They only did a small block but made a huge difference. You too can make a huge difference.

Try it, it can be very rewarding. I urge you to join me with this tiny mission of changing America one tiny task at a time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great TTT story to share with me. Blessings